Making a Long-term Decision? Go Hungry First

gladstonesclinic-Gambling-AddictionDo you eat a heavy meal first before taking a bath? I think that’s bad for the stomach and wastes time too. Anyway, that’s only a minor decision and we’re talking now of more important decisions
Hungry people might make better long-term decisions, researchers say

‘According to conventional wisdom, people in an agitated emotional state tend to make bad, impulsive decisions. Fear and anger often lead us to take actions we later regret.

‘A research team led by Utrecht University psychologist Denise de Ridder suggests these thinkers are on to something—at least when the unpleasant feelings are those created by a growling stomach. In a just-published paper, it reports that, when faced with complex situations involving delayed gratification, hungry people make smarter choices…’

An extraordinary story of an epic art fraud
Margaret Keane painted ‘big eyes’ works, but husband took credit

This was surprising to me because our Japanese art director told one artist that Japanese designers like to depict animation characters with big eyes because it was their subconscious wish for their eyes

‘The centre of Walter’s universe in the mid-1950s was a San Francisco beatnik club, The Hungry i. While comedians such as Lenny Bruce and Bill Cosby performed onstage, out at the front, Walter sold his big-eyed-children paintings. One night Margaret decided to go to the club with him.

‘“He had me sitting in a corner,” she tells me, “and he was over there, talking, selling paintings, when somebody walked over to me and said: ‘Do you paint too?’ And I suddenly thought – just horrible shock – ‘Is he taking credit for my paintings?’”

‘He was. He had been telling his patrons a giant lie. Margaret was the painter of the big eyes – every one of them. Walter might well have seen sad children in postwar Berlin, but he hadn’t painted them, because he couldn’t paint to save his life…’

Davao City Philippines Ranked 7th among the World’s Best Cities to live and work in remotely
Davao is a peaceful place because it’s Mayor Duterte is a ‘dictator’ (link below)

‘Davao City, already ranked as among the Top 10 Most Livable cities in the world because of unequalled peace and security, has been rated No. 7 among the best cities in the world to work in remotely.

‘Nomad’s List, a website which rates cities all over the world based on how ideal they are as working areas, placed Thailand’s Chiang Mai City on top of the list followed by Prague in the Czech Republic.

‘Davao City came in No. 7, earning the distinction of being the only city in the Philippines to be included in the Top 10 in contrast to Thailand which has two – Chiang Mai and Bangkok…’

The Philippines’ real-life Punisher


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