Ground Your Plane by Renaming a WiFi Hotspot

techarta-unsecure-wifi‘Authorities detained a passenger aboard a Southwest flight that landed at Seattle-Tacoma Airport yesterday on its way to Denver, after reports that he created a bunch of creepy names for his in-flight WiFi hotspot, naming it “Southwest – Bomb on Board” and making comments about the attractiveness of flight attendants, among other things.

‘According to ABC News, passengers started to worry when they realized the weird names popping up during the flight.

‘Whether or not he was just goofing off like an insensitive jerk — especially in light of the fact that the flight was on Sept. 11, as the passenger pointed out added an extra layer of concern — authorities ordered the plane to a side tarmac, surrounded the plane and took the man into custody…’

How to correct a social media blunder
‘Trained intelligent staff, curated content, and targeted audiences: what could go wrong? Carelessness.

‘Or take the social media admin that accidentally posted a message from a corporate account instead of a personal one. It’s more common than you think! One example is the Chrysler employee who tweeted a frustrated negative comment about Detroit.

‘Humans are prone to errors and technology is not infallible. However, a social media mistake will not be the end; the sun will rise again and business will proceed.

‘To avoid any long-standing damage to the brand and reverse any drops in community size, here are the steps you need to take to minimize the fall-out…’

Horrible Social Media Misfires
‘Just in time for Halloween, here are 12 scary, shocking, horrifying and just plain horrible social media misfires from the past year. We’re talking big brands — DiGiorno Pizza, J. P. Morgan, US Airways — making even bigger mistakes or, for one reason or another, catching beatings on social media sites.

‘To build our house of social media horrors, we asked the digital marketing community for input. We asked about the social media faux pas they remember most vividly, and the lessons we can learn from the blunders. We also found a few examples in blogs and articles…’

Introducing District Voices
‘To preface the highly anticipated release of Mockingjay: Part 1, we created District Voices, a series of propaganda videos for CAPITOL TV, the official channel of the fictional Capitol of Panem. In each episode, one of YouTube’s popular content creators explains the expertise of their district, giving viewers a peek into an expanded backstory for this enigmatic world. District Voices lets fans experience life in Panem, the fictional nation in which the stories take place, and gives them the chance to see their favorite YouTube creators shine…’


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