Stealing and Selling Corpses for ‘Ghost Marriages’! people arrested for digging, selling woman corpse for ‘ghost marriage’ rituals
‘Police in eastern China have arrested 11 people for their alleged roles in digging up dead women’s bodies which were then sold into ritual “ghost marriages”.

‘The suspects exhumed a woman’s body from a village grave in Shandong province in March and sold it to a middleman for 18,000 yuan (HK$22,760), Shandong Radio and Television reported.

‘The custom of ghost marriages requires a woman’s body be buried alongside a newly deceased bachelor so that he won’t be alone in the afterlife. It may date back to the 17th century BC and is mostly practised today in rural areas of Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei and Guangdong provinces…’

New Cemetary Scam
In old public Manila cemetaries, you can hire loiteres to clean the graves of loved ones. Some of those cleaners were there for a long time and they know which graves belong to those with money. What they do now is put landfill and trash around your graves before Halloween and wait for your arrival feigning innocence. Of course the relatives of the grave occupants will probably hire resident cleaners which is practical and much cheaper than bringing their own from outside.

While 54K Americans die from working Each Year…
Bill Gates will take 218 years to spend $1M per day
‘At a spending rate of $1 million a day, most people would blow through their entire life savings in, well, a day.

‘But for billionaire Bill Gates, it would take 218 years to spend his approximate $79 billion fortune at this rate, according to new research from Oxfam that was recently highlighted by The Guardian. That’s about three Ferraris a day.

‘While few could keep up with these hypothetical spending patterns, more people than ever can call themselves billionaires these days. In fact, the number of billionaires in the world has more than doubled since the recession, rising from 793 in March 2009 to 1,645 in March 2014, Oxfam reports…’
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Working Kills 54K Americans Each Year
‘People are an employer’s most important asset. Sadly, in recent years, nearly 11 workers died on the job each day, and 5 million were injured annually. Even more difficult to bear are the estimates that 50,000 people die and another 400,000 are sickened each year because of illnesses contracted in the workplace. These numbers are unacceptable to all of us, because as a nation we no longer accept the premise that injuries and fatalities are just part of the cost of doing business…’


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