World Bank Ineligible Firms That are Corrupt

article.wn-0‘The World Bank maintains a list of companies sanctioned for fraud and corruption, and therefore ineligible for WB’s financial support. We’ve decided to use Silk to facilitate access to this public information, allowing anyone to:
1. dynamically search through these almost 700 ineligible firms
2. intuitively visualize facts in interactive maps and charts with filters
3. publish the results across the web…’
Map of Ineligible firms

Trial Runs for the 666 Chips
Implantable technology is coming at you
The next frontier of technology: your body.
Implantable chips will be used to monitor your health and fertility.
Smart tattoos that let you unlock doors.
This discussion posits that if you don’t do it, you won’t be able to function in the world.
– See more

Ordinary people in an extraordinary moment
Portraits of the men + women caught up in revolution in Ukraine
‘When Anastasia Taylor-Lind found herself in Kiev at the height of violence during Ukraine’s Independence Square protests, the documentary photographer decided to record not the fighting itself, but the human beings involved. Setting up a makeshift photo studio in an alleyway inside the barricaded square, she beckoned passers-by — the protesters themselves, and later the women who came to mourn their deaths — and captured their images on film, using a medium-format camera. The result is a hauntingly intimate, arresting set of portraits that gives a sense of the ordinary people in an extraordinary moment, and gender roles in conflict situations.

‘As events continue to unfold after Ukraine’s parliamentary elections last Sunday, Taylor-Lind tells the TED Blog about her experiences during those harrowing days…’

What a Childhood Encounter Taught Neruda About Writing
“One time, investigating in the backyard of our house in Temuco the tiny objects and minuscule beings of my world, I came upon a hole in one of the boards of the fence. I looked through the hole and saw a landscape like that behind our house, uncared for, and wild. I moved back a few steps, because I sensed vaguely that something was about to happen. All of a sudden a hand appeared — a tiny hand of a boy about my own age. By the time I came close again, the hand was gone, and in its place there was a marvelous white sheep.

“The sheep’s wool was faded. Its wheels had escaped. All of this only made it more authentic. I had never seen such a wonderful sheep. I looked back through the hole, but the boy had disappeared. I went into the house and brought out a treasure of my own: a pinecone, opened, full of odor and resin, which I adored. I set it down in the same spot and went off with the sheep.” –Pablo Neruda


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