5 Problems with National ID Cards

datacard-applicaton-page-government-national-idIn Manila, there’s another possible source of ID theft: the double visa scheme. A hacker could easily get hold of one your visas, which he could use to steal your national ID

‘Prospective overseas Filipino workers should avoid having double visas so they would not be barred from leaving the country, the Philippine Overseas Employment (POEA) said yesterday.

‘POEA chief Hans Cacdac said a number of Middle East-bound Filipino workers were prevented from leaving the country after being found to have several visas.

‘Cacdac said the POEA also issued preventive suspension orders against three recruitment agencies for using the double visa scheme in the deployment of their workers…’

5 Problems with National ID Cards in the US
‘The newest calls for a national ID are only the latest in a long series of proposals that have cropped up repeatedly over the past decade, usually in the context of immigration policy, but also in connection with gun control or health care reform. But the creation of a national I.D. card remains a misplaced, superficial “quick fix.” It offers only a false sense of security and will not enhance our security – but will pose serious threats to our civil liberties and civil rights. A National ID will not keep us safe or free…’

How do You Violate Your Own Privacy?
Getting chipped: Why I will live with an NFC chip implant for a year
‘There are days when even your wife thinks you’re crazy. In my case one those days was when I told her I decided to implant a near-field communication chip in my hand.

‘”You of all people? And that thing will stay in your arm for a year?” she asked incredulously. She had a point, of course, because I’m the one who always says that any possible breach of my own — and my reader’s — privacy should be contested with all possible measures.

‘While that may be the case, I’ve been living with an NFC chip in my left hand since Sept. 25. It was implanted between my thumb and index finger, and I can tell you that it hurt quite a bit. But that was mainly because of all the TV camera people trying to film it, which dragged the process out from the normal five seconds to about 30 seconds…’

‘Anarcho-Capitalist’ Stefan Molyneux Sued For Abusing The DMCA
‘A few months ago, we wrote about the strange saga of self-described “anarcho-capitalist” Stefan Molyneux more or less admitting that he and a colleague named Michael DeMarco had filed questionable DMCA notices in response to some critical YouTube videos. DeMarco and Molyneux defended the use of the DMCA by arguing that the videos involved doxxing some Molyneux supporters. While that may have been true of some, it did not appear to be the case with one account, from so-called “Tru Shibes,” whose videos were pretty focused on criticizing Molyneux himself. Either way, we found it especially bizarre that someone so against “state violence” of any kind (and who had spoken out against intellectual property entirely) would then resort to abusing government-run copyright law to silence criticism. Even worse, Molyneux flat out admitted (on a Joe Rogan podcast) that he wasn’t using the DMCA for any copyright-related purpose. In that post, I noted that it seemed unlikely to lead to a lawsuit, but Molyneux had probably opened himself up to a DMCA 512(f) claim for “materially misrepresenting” a copyright claim.

‘Apparently, I underestimated the person behind the Tru Shibes account, because late last week, she sued Molyneux (pdf) with a 512(f) claim, and a defamation claim as well…’


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