Political Pastors Dare IRS to Sue Them

atlantadailyworld-pastors_rally_for_voter_registrationRogue pastors endorse candidates, but IRS looks away

‘A record number of rogue Christian pastors are endorsing candidates from the pulpit this election cycle, using Sunday sermons to defiantly flout tax rules.

‘Their message to the IRS: Sue me.

‘But the tax agency is doing anything but. Although the IRS was sued itself for not enforcing the law and admitted about 100 churches may be breaking the rules, the pastors and their critics alike say the agency is looking the other way. The agency refuses to say if it is acting…’

International Day to #EndImpunity for Crimes against Journalists [Video]
The video supports the UN resolution on the “Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity”:

“The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/68/163 at its 68th session in 2013 which proclaimed 2 November as the ‘International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists’. The Resolution urged Member States to implement definite measures countering the present culture of impunity. The date was chosen in commemoration of the assassination of two French journalists in Mali on 2 November 2013.”

Cemetery’s vegetable garden inspires town to go organic
‘A public cemetery in Barangay (village) Poblacion, Philippines has become the launch pad of this town’s biggest nutrition program anchored on organic vegetable farming.

‘Vegetable gardens can be seen in the town’s barangay hall compounds, road shoulders, school campuses and backyards, thanks to a project that started in plots on vacant lots of Himlayan ng Bayan over a year ago.

‘“We found out that our soil is fertile enough to produce quality vegetables such as string beans, eggplants, tomatoes and papaya,” said Mayor Nerivi Santos-Martinez…’
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How an Olympic swimming time of 1:52.72 became a world record!
Eric the Eel
‘The image quality isn’t great but the information is clear enough. Moussambani isn’t close to done with his swim — the wall isn’t even in sight — and he’s already nearly a minute off the world record. In fact, he’d finish at 1:52.72. That’s about half a second faster than Hoogenband’s world record swim and Halmay’s — if you added them together. Which, you’d not do, as that’s silly.

‘So no one expected Moussambani to win the gold, let alone his heat. But if you give the images above a second look, you may notice something: there’s no one else in the pool. If you assumed that was because Moussambani was going so slowly that the rest of the heat had already passed him and gotten out of the camera’s view, you’d be happily mistaken. Moussambani is the only person in the pool because the other two racers in his heat both false-started and were therefore disqualified. Moussambani’s 1:52.72 was incredibly slow, but it was fast enough to win the heat…’ -nowiknow.com


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