Digital Media ‘Damaging Young People’s Mental Health’

infosecinstitute-CyberBully05222014Includes Social Media, Sexting and Self-Harm Websites

‘Dr Sarah Wollaston, chair of the Health Select Committee, said mental health services must consider if the sharp increase of children and young people seeking treatment for mental health problems is a result of social media and digital culture becoming an “integral part of life”.

‘The suggestion was made in the critical report which says thousands of young people are being put at risk because of “serious and deeply ingrained problems” in children’s mental health services.

‘Wollaston said it is a “disgrace” that the UK does not have sufficient data on the about the quality of children’s mental health services given there has been a reported increase of up to 25% in the amount of children and adolescents seeking help…’

Call Centers are Brain Health Hazards
Work with shifting scheds linked to brain power decline, memory loss
‘Objectives Shift work, like chronic jet lag, is known to disrupt workers’ normal circadian rhythms and social life, and to be associated with increased health problems (eg, ulcers, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, breast cancer, reproductive difficulties) and with acute effects on safety and productivity. However, very little is known about the long-term consequences of shift work on cognitive abilities. The aim of this study was to assess the chronicity and reversibility of the effects of shift work on cognition.

‘Results Shift work was associated with impaired cognition. The association was stronger for exposure durations exceeding 10 years (dose effect; cognitive loss equivalent to 6.5 years of age-related decline in the current cohort). The recovery of cognitive functioning after having left shift work took at least 5 years (reversibility)…’

Will ultrasound-on-a-chip make medical imaging so cheap that anyone can do it?
‘A scanner the size of an iPhone that you could hold up to a person’s chest and see a vivid, moving, 3-D image of what’s inside is being developed by entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg.

‘Rothberg says he has raised $100 million to create a medical imaging device that’s nearly “as cheap as a stethoscope” and will “make doctors 100 times as effective.” The technology, which according to patent documents relies on a new kind of ultrasound chip, could eventually lead to new ways to destroy cancer cells with heat, or deliver information to brain cells…’

The Plane Crash That Gave Americans GPS
‘On the first day of September in 1983, the Soviet Union shot down a plane. Its military officers thought it was a spy plane, they said later. But it was not: It was a passenger jet, Korean Air Lines Flight 007, and the 269 people on the plane all died.

‘The flight had originated in New York; one of the passengers was a U.S. congressman. At first, the Soviet Union wouldn’t even admit its military had shot the plane down, but the Reagan administration immediately started pushing to establish what had happened and stymie the operations of the Soviet Aeroflot airline. President Reagan also made a choice that, while reported at the time, was not the biggest news to come out of this event: He decided to speed up the timeline for civilian use of GPS…’


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