Why Non-Tech-Savvy Criminals Should Keep Offline

aol.com-518497670_8_570_411Frein Used Unsecured WiFi While Evading Police
‘In Barrett Township, part of the former search area for Frein for all those days, just driving down the road you can find a few open WiFi signals. Once connected without a password, you can go to WNEP.com and follow the latest news on the manhunt or go to a web page and listen to the Monroe County police scanners.

‘“I never really thought about it, leaving it open. It’d be interesting to know what kind of information he was getting from using people’s WiFi accounts,” said one woman in the neighborhood whose wireless router is open, not password locked.

‘Right now, there’s no telling what websites or other sources of information Eric Frein used when he logged onto unsecured wireless internet accounts…’

4chan Pics Match Slay Scene
Suspect David Kalac on Run
Images Posted Online After Murder
‘The suspect, identified as David Michael Kalac, 33, who faces a charge of second-degree murder involving domestic violence, was spotted early Wednesday in Portland, Oregon, but eluded capture, police said. He was still on the loose and is considered “armed and dangerous.”

‘Kalac is accused of killing his 30-year-old live-in girlfriend, Amber Lynn Coplin, late Monday or Tuesday. Photos purporting to show the slain woman’s body were then posted to the online forum 4chan — before the first 911 call was made — and a person claiming to be the killer described how he strangled the woman and wrote that it was more difficult than he’d expected…’

Man Seen Using Kidnap Victim’s ATM Card
‘…Meanwhile, Carlesha’s ATM card was used at an ATM just off I-95 in Aberdeen, Maryland at 6:01 a.m. Monday morning. A surveillance image of the person who used the card was shown to the family.

‘”I did not recognize the person in the picture, but I know (the boyfriend) has a light complexion. The picture was not very clear, but – if I had to say – it’s a possibility,” said Carlesha’s grandmother, Ana Mulero.

‘Carlesha’s family is pleading for her safe return…’

Ghost of Murder Victim Wins a Court Case
‘When the body was taken and a post-mortem examination was made it was found that her neck had been dislocated, which undoubtedly had caused her death. The trial occupied eight days and the jury found him (Shue) guilty of murder in the first degree and was recommended clemency, and he was accordingly sentenced for life. This murdered woman was his (Shue’s) third wife, and he had boasted that he expected to have seven wives. In this, however, he was disappointed. He passed to the Great Beyond to meet the three he treated so brutally here.”

‘The attorney for the defense insisted that Mrs. Heaster had had a dream but she just as firmly insisted it was no dream and that she was as awake when her daughter appeared as she was then in the court room. Those who witnessed the trial were much impressed with her sincerity and the jury of twelve good men of Greenbrier County and Judge J. W. McWhorter evidently believe her. The question of whether a person can return from the grave was very well answered. He died, in the penitentiary about 1905…’


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