Study: No One Wants to Hear About Your Vacation

someecards-1313154640883_9209291Not true. Friends and relatives who want to suck up to you will
The Unforeseen Costs of Extraordinary Experience

People seek extraordinary experiences—from drinking rare wines and taking exotic vacations to jumping from airplanes and shaking hands with celebrities. But are such experiences worth having? We found that participants thoroughly enjoyed having experiences that were superior to those had by their peers, but that having had such experiences spoiled their subsequent social interactions and ultimately left them feeling worse than they would have felt if they had had an ordinary experience instead. Participants were able to predict the benefits of having an extraordinary experience but were unable to predict the costs. These studies suggest that people may pay a surprising price for the experiences they covet most…’

No good deed is left unpunished
VIDEO: 90 year-old man, 2 pastors face charges for ‘feeding the homeless’
‘A 90-year-old man could be going to jail for up to 60 days after feeding homeless people and breaking a new law in Fort Lauderdale that bans people from sharing their meals with members of the public.

‘Arnold Abbott is likely to face a $500 fine and could be sentenced to spending up to two months behind bars after police officers arrested him on Sunday as he was handing out meals to homeless people in a park .

‘He was arrested and charged along with two ministers from the Sanctuary Church, which prepares hundreds of meals to dish out every week in their kitchen…’

How it is to be female but genetically male
Malaysian woman discovers she is genetically male after 24 years
‘Even though she grew up with three brothers, she enjoyed doing the things any girl did – hanging out with her BFFs, shopping for dresses and collecting cute figurines.

‘Sure, she started out being a bit of a tomboy, preferring pants instead of skirts, and comic books instead of dolls, but which girl wouldn’t growing up with three boys?

‘But when Mary turned 13, she found it strange that she did not have her period – like the other girls in her class.

‘She has never had her period. It was only earlier this year that Mary, 24, found out why – she was actually male…’

What this woman found in her burger could put you off McDonald’s for life
But there was something worse than that: man finds dead rat in his cup after consuming the coffee. The living spider probably just got to the burger after it was prepared

‘Juliana Ulyanova, 22, had gone to the fast food restaurant at the Europark shopping centre in Arkhangelsk, north-western Russia, where she ordered a Big N’ Tasty burger with fries. But when she got home with her friend Daria Tretiakova, 23, and opened it, they got the shock of their lives.

‘Juliana said: “I was just going to take a bite when Daria screamed and pointed at my burger. “There sitting on a piece of cheese and partially hidden by some lettuce was this horrible black spider…’


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