Should You Believe Emergency Calls by Children? [Video] to amazing boy aged 2 ring 999 to help mum who had collapsed
‘The video is a recording of a 999 call made by a two-year-old mini-marvel after his mum collapsed. Nicola Embleton, 34, who collapsed at home in Peterlee, Co Durham, had recently taught her daughter Ella, then four, how to make an emergency call.

‘Unbeknown to her, little brother Oliver had been listening in – and dialled 999 himself when he realised his mum was in trouble. In a recording of the call, released for the first time, Oliver is heard telling Michael: “Mammy fall down.”…’

How Michael Jordan Ruined Reebok for Nike
Jordan hid allegiance under flag Cover-up discloses Nike won shoe war BARCELONA 92
‘…Jordan, the centerpiece of Nike’s promotional efforts, had balked at wearing the official United States Olympic Committee awards-ceremony uniform, which was made by Reebok and featured a Reebok patch on the right shoulder.

‘When the U.S. basketball team took the medal stand yesterday after beating Croatia, 117-85, for the expected gold medal, all 12 players — half work for Nike — had unzipped their jackets so that the collars obscured the patch. Jordan, Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson took the extra precaution of carrying an American flag over their right shoulders.

‘And so, as the national anthem played, there was no Reebok patch in sight.

‘”Everyone agreed we would not deface the Reebok on the award uniform,” said Jordan, who had been saying for weeks he wouldn’t wear the Reebok uniform. “The American flag cannot deface anything. That’s what we stand for. The American dream is standing up for what you believe in. I believed in it, and I stood up for it. If I offended anyone, that’s too bad.”…’

The Nazi Castle that US Army and Rebel German Soldiers Captured
‘…Within days of the completion of its conversion into a prison, Castle Itter welcomed the first of what would become a veritable “Who’s Who” of VIP captives: Albert Lebrun, who had been president of France until he was replaced by Philippe Pétain in July 1940; former Italian prime minister and dedicated anti-Fascist Francesco Saverio Nitti; and André François-Poncet, former French ambassador to both Germany and Italy.

‘The commandant’s sudden departure from Castle Itter convinced the guards that it was also time for them to leave, and by daybreak on May 4, the French notables had the former prison all to themselves. At the urging of Weygand and Gamelin, the former prisoners broke into the weapons room and armed themselves with pistols, rifles, and submachine guns. Putting their differences aside for the moment, Reynaud, Daladier, and the two generals agreed that the presence of SS units in the area meant the former prisoners could not just wait to be liberated by the Allies. They had to act.

‘The agent of that action was the always-helpful Zoonimir Cuckovic, a.k.a. André, who volunteered to go find the nearest Allied unit and bring it back to secure the castle…’


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