A National Food Policy could save millions of lives

cabarruscounty-2 color foodLogo‘The food system and the diet it’s created have caused incalculable damage to the health of our people and our land, water and air. If a foreign power were to do such harm, we’d regard it as a threat to national security, if not an act of war, and the government would formulate a comprehensive plan and marshal resources to combat it. (The administration even named an Ebola czar to respond to a disease that threatens few Americans.) So when hundreds of thousands of annual deaths are preventable — as the deaths from the chronic diseases linked to the modern American way of eating surely are — preventing those needless deaths is a national priority…’

Takata Saw and Hid Risk in Airbags in 2004, Former Workers Say
‘The steel inflaters in two of the airbags cracked during the tests, a condition that can lead to rupture, the former employees said. The result was so startling that engineers began designing possible fixes in preparation for a recall, the former employees said.

‘But instead of alerting federal safety regulators to the possible danger, Takata executives discounted the results and ordered the lab technicians to delete the testing data from their computers and dispose of the airbag inflaters in the trash, they said…’

The Weirdest True Story on Rumor Site Snopes
‘Snopes.com creator David Mikkelson has been calling out bullshit on the Internet for two decades. (There’s no antifreeze in Fireball, people … merely the makings of a very regrettable hangover.) We caught up with Mikkelson to find out where Snopes came from, and what’s next for the site.

‘Mikkelson named the site after an early Internet alias, itself a nod to the Snopes family of criminals and tenant farmers in several William Faulkner novels. With a long-planned redesign and expansion of the site finally in the works, he’ll soon have an even better platform for disproving all those wild stories in your Facebook feed…’

This Insanely Simple Rule Will Help You Overcome Your Biggest Challenges
‘Not long ago, I came across a Reddit post that articulates the tiny rule that’s helped me do this, to overcome the voice in my head that tells me to be scared, to walk on that stage or make that phone call or tell someone that thing they don’t want to hear.

‘Writes Reddit user Draconax in response to the question What life rule do you have for yourself that can never be broken?:

‘I count to 5. This is a secret rule I have for myself. Whenever I don’t want to do something (something small like getting out of bed, to something bigger, like asking a girl out), I count to 5 in my head. Whenever I reach 5, I have to do it. I have never failed to do what I set out to do once I hit 5, so it always works for me, in a weird sort of way. I know that if I didn’t do it, the “rule of 5″ would cease to exist, and since I need it to exist, I have to do what I said I would do. It’s a weird paradox, but it works…’


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