How Toxic Tofu Lands on Your Table

therealsingapore-ToxicTofu_20141110China criminal gang floods market with 100 tonnes of toxic tofu
‘…A supplier to KFC parent Yum Brands Inc and McDonald’s Corp came under fire in July after a report showed workers using expired meat. U.S. retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc recalled some donkey meat products in January after tests showed they contained traces of fox.

‘Media reports made no mention if the tofu factory had supplied any large local or global chains operating in China.

‘The local Qilu Evening News newspaper said the gang, led by three cousins, had bags of rongalite powder stacked against the walls of the factory.

‘The chemical was then added into the mix to make the dried tofu sticks, also called “fuzhu”, a popular snack in China…’

A book filled with 700 Facebook posts
Book Tells Story of Euromaidan Protests in Facebook Posts
‘A new book, made up entirely of over 700 Facebook posts, chronicles the events from November 2013 to June 2014 as they were recorded and told by Ukrainian Facebook users. The title of the book, “Phantom Pain #maidan,” recognizes the fleeting nature of memories of the groundbreaking transformations that occurred during and after the unrest, and remembers the loss of those who died during the violent phase of the protests. The book’s authors, both Euromaidan activists, Anastasiia Savytska and Andrey Myrhorodskiy, say the idea initially was to do a photo album with some text from Facebook posts, but then the social media content simply took over. Anastasiia says she spent two months deciding which posts to include…’

Backlash over Montgomery decision to strip Christmas from school calendar
‘…The backlash was intense Wednesday to the Montgomery County Board of Education’s decision to scrub Christmas and other religious holidays from its published school calendar — without disturbing the days off.

‘It came by e-mail, tweets and Facebook messages — passionate views, along with some confoundment. Several Montgomery school board members reported that few people of any faith seemed happy with their Tuesday vote.

‘Montgomery school board member Rebecca Smondrowski, for one, was flooded with angry messages. She had supported a proposal to strip Jewish and Muslim holy days from the calendar and offered an amendment to remove Christmas and Easter, too…’

Plato On-line Back After 2 Days Online Disconnection
I was virtually offline for 2 days but it was a hellish vacation. During those 2 days, I can’t connect to most websites (my ISP wasn’t the problem) so I was virtually paralyzed. I tried all possible solutions again and again until finally this dawn, WordPress connected then all other websites too.


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