5-Year-Old is a Microsoft Certified Professional

bbc.com-_78992755_ayan‘Ayan Qureshi of England is now a Microsoft Certified Professional after passing the tech giant’s exam when he was just five years old.

‘Ayan, now six, whose father is an IT consultant, has set up his own computer network at home.

‘He told the BBC he found the exam difficult but enjoyable, and hopes to set up a UK-based tech hub one day.

‘”There were multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions, hotspot questions and scenario-based questions,” he told the BBC Asian Network…’

Is that good for Ayan or not?

Russia releases photo showing jet shooting down MH17 airliner
‘Russian experts have claimed Malaysian Boeing MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian warplane and not a ground to air missile.

‘This follows the release of ‘leaked’ satellite images which show a missile streaking towards the passenger plane, produced tonight by Russia’s main state broadcaster.

‘It was claimed that the space pictures were from a British or US satellite.

‘The flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was travelling over the conflict-hit region when it disappeared from radar…’
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You Too Can Finally Join the Modern Broadband Era For the Rock Bottom Price of $20,000
‘…Considering the billions that telecom companies received to shore up service over the last twenty years (and again, nobody in the history of telecom regulation has ever bothered to do an audit), that’s painfully obscene — and it’s a story I’ve personally seen repeated thousands of times over. Worse perhaps, Time Warner Cable, like so many of these companies, has worked tirelessly to pass state level laws that restrict these communities from building their own broadband — even in locations they refuse to connect.

‘In other words, taxpayers got to pay billions in subsidies, then get to pay an arm and a leg a second time just to be held hostage by a company that repeatedly makes it very clear it hates their guts. When they decide to do something about it themselves, they run into state laws prohibiting their right to improve their own area’s infrastructure. Yet we’re told time and time again by the broadband industry that it’s not only immensely competitive, but is a shining beacon to the rest of the world for technology innovation, creativity and government policy…’


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