How Your Voter Identification is Stolen then Sold Told He Can’t Vote … Because He’s Dead
‘Dale Hopfinger is a patriot. He feels it’s his duty to go to the polls. It’s something he’s done every election here at Lee Township Hall in Midland County since 2003.

‘Imagine the surprise when he showed up to the polls on Nov. 4 ready to cast his ballot once again, and was told he couldn’t.

‘”Said, no he’s deceased, so he can’t vote,” said Hopfinger.

‘But even with his identification in hand proving who he was, a poll worker told him township records show that he was dead. In fact, they claimed he died on Sept. 25…’
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Watch: Best man confronts friend’s “cheating” wife he finds in a bar with another guy

I’ve been in a more difficult situation similar to this. A close friend introduced his bride and I saw fire in the woman’s eyes! Of course I can’t tell my friend outright he shouldn’t marry the devil. It turned out later she ruined the marriage.

‘Cheaters never prosper – especially when they’re caught on camera in a video that has been shared around the globe over ONE MILLION times.

‘This fist-biting footage shows the moment when a man found his best friend’s wife on the arm of another man.

‘A sheepish-looking woman wearing a white dress and identified only as Nina seems reluctant to be filmed as the DIY filmmaker – who she clearly knows – asks: “How you guys doing?”

‘The reason for her manner soon becomes clear as the would-be sleuth asks: “Who’s this guy? That’s not your husband, right?”…’

Recipes so funny you shouldn’t try them at home
Penn and Teller’s How to Play with Your Food
‘Penn & Teller take their stage personas to the print medium, and it works superbly. Penn is just as loud as ever, and Teller (seen in many of the photos) wears his trademark blank smile.
Most books on magic and “tricks” tend to be frustratingly dull, but the lively prose, scrumptious humour and fine photos and illustration make this one a pleasure to read.
This magic book also has the virtue of presenting several tricks that are easy to perform–if you want to learn two or three very funny and fun tricks table gags that require almost zero practice, this is the book to get…’
Try this one
Swedish Lemon Angels

the book

WATCH: Shoplifters stole P20K worth of clothes in 30 seconds
Naaresto ang isang shoplifter nang makunan sa CCTV ang kanyang modus sa pagnanakaw ng mga pantalon sa isang shop sa Pasay City.


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