“World’s Hottest Criminal” is a She

dailymail.co-233F212000000578-0-image-9_1416272255606And she’s guilty of 30 crimes

‘A nursing student dubbed ‘the world’s sexiest criminal’ has apologized for her crime spree after agreeing to plead guilty to a string of charges that could see her locked away for years.

‘Stéphanie Beaudoin, 21, appeared in court today in Victoriaville, Quebec, to face accusations of 114 separate crimes, including theft and illegally possessing a stash of nine guns.

‘But the striking defendant – who became a viral sensation when pictures emerged after she was first accused – now says she’s seen the error of her ways, and is prepared for her punishment…’
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Britain’s most “spoilt child” is also most charitable
She donated all her birthday gifts, including Audi, to charity
‘A six-year-old hailed as one of Britain’s most spoilt children has decided she’s had enough of her reputation – and is giving away her prized possessions. Lacie Pope, of Plymouth, Devon, has always been treated to glamorous designer frocks, expensive beauty products and jewel-encrusted toys.

‘Her mother Lisa Whitcombe, 34, loves to spoil her with Armani and Dior outfits, her own crown and even a child’s Audi covered in crystals. But on the eve of her sixth birthday – with £2,000 worth of celebrations ahead of her – Lacie has decided it’s time to share her wealth…’
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Gun Violence Data
‘This Silk shows gun violence and murders data on a state-by-state basis as a percentage of total population. The data comes from Wikipedia and was originally sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau.

‘The big purple bubble is Washington D.C., which had the highest rate of gun murders by a factor of two. The other major outlier is Louisiana, the second largest and darkest bubble…’

McDonald’s Davao customer finds live worm in her cheeseburger
Maybe a dead worm in your burger is ignorable. But a live one!?
‘On Friday, November 14, Longuinsa went to San Pedro Police Station to file a report about the incident. According to the complainant, she already ate half of the cheeseburger when she saw something fall out from the food.

‘Loguinsa is worried that the unexpected ingredient might cause sickness.

‘Meanwhile, the report involving McDonald’s Bajada was already entrusted to Davao City Health Office and the Bureau of Food and Drugs for further investigation.

‘Already aware of the alleged incident, the franchise is yet to release a statement about the issue…’


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