The Laser-Shooting Wristwatch is Here [Video]

We can at least hurt and distract an intruder with it
‘Thanks to some clever special effects, the gadgets that Q creates for James Bond and other MI6 agents are often well ahead of their time. So much so that it’s only now, more than 31 years after Never Say Never Again hit theaters, that we finally have a wristwatch with a built-in laser powerful enough to do some damage.

‘Created by Patrick Priebe who’s well known for his creations that put coolness first and safety second, the carbon fiber-accented LaserWatch features an integrated 1,500-milliwatt blue laser that can be used for about five to ten minutes before the battery’s dead. So it’s best to save it until you find yourself in a real emergency…’

What to expect when you contact Google support
Done that before and I confirm the article cited. Oh, expect that from Facebook too
‘So, the rumour we all hear in the tech business is that Google is full of enlightened individuals who are all geniuses, basically. I mean to even get in the door you have to pass their fiendishly difficult entrance tests. And everyone wants the name ‘Google’ on their CV right?

‘Well, we posed a lightweight challenge to their customer support team who are, after all, the eyes and ears of the corporation. They must be the smartest team in there, surely? The challenge goes as follows (and this is a true story):…’

Is ‘Borrowing’ Your Identity Legal?
‘The Drug Enforcement Agency impersonated a woman on Facebook to lure possible drug dealers. They used her real name and photos from her seized phone, including ones of small children, without her consent. This is just coming to light now because the victim has sued the DEA & the US government.

‘We still don’t know if this was an isolated case – but we have a feeling we know the sad answer to that question…’
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The Tech Worker Shortage is a Hoax
‘Along with temporary deportation relief for millions, President Obama’s executive action will increase the number of U.S. college graduates from abroad who can temporarily be hired by U.S. corporations. That hasn’t satisfied tech companies and trade groups, which contend more green cards or guest worker visas are needed to keep tech industries growing because of a shortage of qualified American workers. But scholars say there’s a problem with that argument: The tech worker shortage doesn’t actually exist.

‘“There’s no evidence of any way, shape, or form that there’s a shortage in the conventional sense,” says Hal Salzman, a professor of planning and public policy at Rutgers University. “They may not be able to find them at the price they want. But I’m not sure that qualifies as a shortage, any more than my not being able to find a half-priced TV.”…’


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