A Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

seriouseats-20121218-prime-rib-with-jus-01-thumb-625xauto-295128‘Before you accuse me of being like Chandler Bing on Friends—as Joey says, “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Chandler bumming us out”—please note: my anti-turkey stance is not anti-Thanksgiving. It’s rather the opposite: I am very much in favor of making Thanksgiving a more delicious holiday.

‘Why would I want to eat a dried-out, chewy bird when I can let the juices flow freely out of a striking centerpiece like prime rib or leg of lamb? Or a roasted suckling pig—thus multiplying the quantity and tastiness of the crispy skin over which so many of us fight our siblings? Have you ever thought about why there are entire restaurants devoted solely to serving extraordinary renditions of prime rib, but the only places specializing in turkey are deli cases and salad bars? It’s because turkey, no matter what you pile on top of it, no matter how good a cook you are, is just never as good as steak…’

5 Thanksgiving Disasters You’re Probably Not Prepared For
‘When you’re a kid, Thanksgiving is something Mom or Grandma takes care of, and “dinner parties” in general are things fancy people on TV do. But sooner than you think, you will reach an age where you’ll be expected to host meals for other people. And there is never more pressure to get this right than on Thanksgiving. If dinner parties are like group sex, Thanksgiving is like starring in porn. The lights are on, the camera is recording and everyone’s good time rests entirely on your boner.

So the day has arrived. The food is bought. You’ve spent a full work day cleaning up empty beer cans and strategically placing furniture over wine-colored vomit stains. You are ready to eat and thank the shit out of some shit…’

#3. You Don’t Have Enough Dishes, and You Sure as Fuck Don’t Have Enough Chairs
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A Filipina Academic Who can Really Write a Textbook

‘A Filipina teacher co-authored a math learning book in German for Grade 4 pupils.

‘Shyreen Mallanao was influenced by her family in the Philippines to pursue a career in teaching.

‘”We have a long history of teachers in our family and every time we went for a vacation to the Philippines, I went to my aunt’s school where she was teaching just to watch her and then that motivated me to do it myself and to become a teacher once a grow up,” said Mallanao.

‘Mallanao was born and raised in Hattigen, Germany. She took up Bachelor of Teaching at the University of Dortmund…’

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