Is Being Bi-Gender Less Fun than Being Transgender?

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‘Waking beside her boyfriend each morning teenager Krystal Griggs never knows what mood he’ll be in. But rather than predicting good or bad, the 18-year-old has to choose between male or female.

‘Ryan’s condition is recognised by psychologists and was coined by the transgender community.

”It’s so confusing,’ he said. ‘I have to guess which gender I’ll be the following morning so I can plan my day. I try to work out how I feel the night before, so if I feel more feminine I’ll have a shower and set my alarm earlier to make sure I have time to get ready…’
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Are Tech-Savvy Millennial Doctors More Reliable?
‘”He Instagram-videoed the entire procedure,” she says. “It’s not that a senior physician couldn’t do it — I think that they might not have the comfort level.”

‘She means comfort with technology. Millennial doctors want offices that are high-tech. Many have never worked with paper charts and they don’t read dusty medical journals — they look at them online.

‘”I think the physician patient relationship has suffered,” says Dr. Rick Snyder, a cardiologist from the baby boom generation and past president of the Dallas County Medical Society.

‘He worries that what’s happening with young doctors is like what happened to young soldiers during Vietnam — yes, that’s the analogy he used — when fighters became too reliant on technology and lost their dogfighting skills…’

Another young student escapes from ‘white van gang’
It seems to me that the police will only catch the suspects when they become careless. You have already ID’d the suspects’ vehicle. You only need a GPS device to track all white vans in Metro Manila for pete’s sake!!

‘Another female student became a victim of the suspects on board a white van . The student was on her way home when the suspects pulled her into the van. Fortunately the victim escaped…’

I feel wishing that this is what happens to the white van gang
“Hero” gasoline boy foils robbery, kills 2 suspects in North Cotabato

‘As the three men rode their motorcycle to escape, Isko appeared from behind, grab the pistol from Benitez and shot him twice in the head.

‘Isko also opened fire at Lalin, hitting him in different parts of his body. He also shot Fulgencio, the driver of the getaway motorcycle, as he tried to escape.

‘The wounded Fulgencio was intercepted by soldiers and militiamen guarding a roadside detachment near the gasoline station…’

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