How to use the Internet of Things for Murder

computerworld-index‘Imagine a fleet of quad copters or drones equipped with explosives and controlled by terrorists. Or someone who hacks into a connected insulin pump and changes the settings in a lethal way. Or maybe the hacker who accesses a building’s furnace and thermostat controls and runs the furnace full bore until a fire is started.

‘Those may all sound like plot material for a James Bond movie, but there are security experts who now believe, as does Jeff Williams, CTO of Contrast Security, that “the Internet of Things will kill someone.” …’

Auto industry teams up with military to stop car hacking
‘The U.S. military is working with car manufacturers to help prevent criminals stealing vehicles via hacking and – in more extreme cases – turning them into weapons.

‘A team of hackers is collaborating with military and industry groups to develop cyber security defences for commercially available cars, in response to a growing threat from criminals and terrorists.

‘In the UK, hackers are now responsible for a third of car thefts in London and there are fears that while technology is progressing, older models will remain vulnerable to attack…’

The Do-it-Yourself Google Glass
‘For those new to the DIY community, a Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, portable computer about the size of a credit card. It’s a staple of DIY engineering, like duct tape, soldering guns and Arduino chip.

‘The Raspberry connects at the temple of one side of the drug store sunglasses, connecting via WiFi hotspot connection to the iPhone. It projects an image onto the inside face of the glass, where the wearer can see its reflection. It’s bulkier than Google Glass, but does the same job.

‘The hardware also relies on the custom app Maker Nur developed for the glasses, which he has dubbed Air Apps. Commercial or shareware versions of the app are not yet available, so aspiring wearable DIYers will need some programming skills, or to wait until the flood of apps hits the web in the advent of Maker Nur’s announcement…’

Researchers Discover an ‘Off Switch’ For Pain in the Brain
Pain is the number one reason why people seek medical help. Yogis do this by meditation
‘Scientists working together from several international universities have discovered that it is possible to block a pathway in the brain of animals suffering from neuropathic pain, which could have a huge impact on improving pain relief in humans.

‘In the UK alone, back pain alone costs the Chancellor of the Exchequer around £5bn ($7.9bn) in disability benefits a year, according to the British Pain Society, and women suffering from pain-related problems on average lose 55 days from work per annum…’

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