Assessing Older Students for Hidden Skills

preschool_01What Every School Can Learn From Preschools
The authors argue that non-academic skills aren’t coded into DNA and can be taught, or at least cultivated.

‘Melissa Tooley and Laura Bornfreund of the New America Foundation write that schools should focus on these same skills, habits, attitudes, and mindsets with older kids. They say research shows they’re just as important as academics.

‘That bears repeating. Though public schools are currently held accountable for students’ scores in math and reading proficiency alone, evidence from both psychology and economics shows that a wide range of non-academic skills play a big role in determining success later in life…’

Vacant Detroit Public Schools 2013
Data from

The Secret Lives Of Teachers
‘You’re a sixth-grader in New York City. Your principal gives you a choice: Get free tickets to a Columbia University football game, or participate in a music video in which your assistant principal is the lead singer.

‘The 66 fifth- and sixth-graders who chose to sing, dance and act are glad they did: The video, featuring the song “Bored of Education,” amassed more than 15,000 views in the first weeks it was posted. Here it is:

‘The video’s main act, rapper I.C. Will, is indeed Ian Willey, the assistant principal at KIPP Washington Heights Middle School.

‘The son of two ministers, Willey started rapping when he was 12. Growing up, his family moved around, finally settling in Louisville, Ky., a place where, Willey says, “I could be a white rapper and it wasn’t that weird.”…’

Patient Safety Journal Adjusts After an Eye-Opening Scandal
‘The aftershocks of what’s been called “patient safety’s first scandal” continue to reverberate in the medical community, most recently in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety.

‘The Journal’s editorial team reviewed 10 articles by Dr. Chuck Denham, the publication’s previous editor, and said nine had potential conflicts of interest, five of them undisclosed. Though it’s unlikely the articles resulted in patient harm, the editorial said, they may have hurt the journal’s credibility.

‘The review is the latest turn in a rapid fall from grace for Denham, whose business dealings and patient advocacy came under scrutiny this year after a Justice Department kickback settlement.

‘A year ago, Denham was a golden figure in the burgeoning patient safety movement, a smooth-talking advocate who brought Hollywood pizzazz to the cause with his connection to actor Dennis Quaid and commitment to filmmaking…’

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