What the people of the Amazon know that you don’t

ksbw.com-anglerfish-jpg‘…Let’s move to the western Amazon, which is really the epicenter of isolated peoples. Each of these dots represents a small, uncontacted tribe, and the big reveal today is we believe there are 14 or 15 isolated groups in the Colombian Amazon alone.

‘Why are these people isolated? They know we exist, they know there’s an outside world. This is a form of resistance. They have chosen to remain isolated, and I think it is their human right to remain so. Why are these the tribes that hide from man? Here’s why. Obviously, some of this was set off in 1492. But at the turn of the last century was the rubber trade. The demand for natural rubber, which came from the Amazon, set off the botanical equivalent of a gold rush. Rubber for bicycle tires, rubber for automobile tires, rubber for zeppelins. It was a mad race to get that rubber, and the man on the left, Julio Arana, is one of the true thugs of the story. His people, his company, and other companies like them killed, massacred, tortured, butchered Indians like the Witotos you see on the right hand side of the slide…’

Rare “Black Seadevil” captured on video (photo above)
‘In the deep dark waters of the Monterey Canyon, there lives a strange fish with a gaping, wide mouth and a bioluminescent light on its head.

‘Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute senior scientist Bruce Robison was leading a dive using the remotely operated vehicle “Doc Ricketts” when he came across the elusive and rarely seen fish on November 17. The female anglerfish, also known as Melanocetus and Black Seadevil, a was found 1,900 feet below the ocean’s surface.

‘Watch this incredible deep-sea fish in its midwater habitat in Monterey Canyon below…’

Twins beat 150,000-1 odds to become dads on the SAME day at the SAME hospital
Incredibly, both babies were born in the same water pool in the same room and were delivered by the same midwife too

‘…Stunned Jeromme and Jarrell Spence, both 21, have managed to beat the staggering odds to become the proud dads of bouncing baby boys.

‘The twins were initially shocked when told their partners had the same due date of November 26, but neither believed they would both be celebrating on that date.

‘But remarkably, the pair became fathers within a few hours of each other when their sons were born at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton in the early hours of Monday…’

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