The Disgusting “Rich Private School Kids” Snapchat [Photos]

Christmas Tree Made from Dried Grass
(see link below)

UPDATE: The moderator for the ‘richkidsnaps’ Snapchat account spoke to BuzzFeed and answered our questions about the page controversy.
‘There is a very popular Facebook page called PrivateSchoolSnapchats where a rich, anonymous teenager shares Snapchat photos of “what happens in private schools.” The pictures might be temporary, but the arrogance lasts a lifetime…’

Rare Violet Pearl Found in Clam
Lucky woman bites clam, finds rare pearl worth $3K
‘A Virginia Beach woman is happy as a clam after finding a rare 4 1/2-carat lavender pearl in a littleneck purchased at the Great Machipongo Clam Shack in Nassawadox. “I bit down on it and I pulled it out and said, ‘Look at this,'” said Kathleen Morelli.

‘Billy Bowen of B&E Seafood in Willis Wharf, who has been in the clam-growing business for a quarter century, said he has never found a pearl in a clam grown through aquaculture like the one Morelli bit into. “In the natural clams you could find them in there, about once a month you could find them. But in all my experience, I have never seen one to come out of an aquaculture clam – it’s very rare,” Bowen said…’

The Poisonous Potato Chips
‘While still in the experimental stage, a report surfaced that this new potato, when consumed in regular quantities, caused nausea, headaches, vomiting and fever. Additional research followed which discovered that one of the Lenape’s unknown traits was elevated levels of a naturally occurring toxin–glycoalkaloids. In fact, each potato contained between three and four times the glycoalkaloids legally allowed in food.

‘This obscure story, chronicled by Jack Doyle, author of “Altered Harvest,” (Viking Penguin: 1985) was frequently retold last week when the federal government gave the green light for the sale of genetically engineered foods…’

If poisonous websites found a way of still selling Lenape chips, here’s a tip: if you see some green around the edges of a few of them, that’s a sign of solanine

Man Discovers Tampered BPI ATM, Posts Find on Facebook to Warn Netizens [Photos]
‘Netizen FJ Castle was using a BPI ATM behind FullyBooked near the W-Building at the Bonifacio Global City when he noticed that something was not right with the machine.

‘He checked the machine and discovered that there was a fake keypad placed on top of the original. What makes this quite alarming is that the dummy keypad was embedded with microchips which could record data from the machine users…’

Christmas Tree Made from Dried Grass


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