Help Find a Person Lost in Typhoon Ruby

gmanetwork-imagesGoogle’s person finder database can be added to by the general public. If you have information about a person affected by Typhoon Ruby, please share it here.

Korina Sanchez slammed for controversial Typhoon Ruby comment
de Castro gave Sanchez a hint but she was too proud to heed it
A comment from Val Pinlac:
“Very irresponsible, unreflective, insensitive…Korina seems to be very consistent on these! But she lasted this long in the industry??? Is this not indicative of the kind or quality of the Philippine journalism? Does ABS CBN have any standard? Very unprofessional and unethical!”

‘News anchor Korina Sanchez found herself once again in a controversy this year following her comment on a recent TV Patrol broadcast where she suggest Typhoon Ruby will hit Japan instead of the Philippines.

‘In their end-credit discussion on the TV news, Ted Failon discussed on the possible route of the storm, during their conversation on preparations for Typhoon Ruby, Sanchez said that Filipinos can still pray to God to spare the Philippines by changing its course.

‘Here’s how the conversation between Sanchez and co-anchor Noli de Castro went:…’

India bans old vehicles for cleaner, healthier air
When will a brave and honest Filipino official do that??
‘An Indian court has banned all vehicles older than 15 years from the streets of the capital, New Delhi, in a bid to clean up air that one prominent study this year found to be the world’s dirtiest.

‘The ruling hits up to a third of the 8.4 million motorbikes, trucks, cars and auto-rickshaws that ply the traffic-choked roads of Delhi and its surrounding areas, transport officials estimate.

‘Cities across the world are ordering older vehicles off the road or restricting private car use to tackle growing air pollution. Mexico City introduced a ban on older vehicles driving on Saturdays this year, while in March, France briefly enforced the most drastic traffic curbs in 20 years…’

Roller Derby: Skate Or Die
‘…Playing roller derby was once just a lark for Emily Langmade — an opportunity to hang out with friends, compete, and then attempt to win the afterparty as soon as the final whistle blew. More than 11 years later, the skater known to the world of flat-track roller derby as Fisti Cuffs still does all of the above, but the sport that became an all-encompassing part of her life is seen in a much different light than it was back in Arizona in 2003.

‘Then, as one the founding members of the Tucson Roller Derby league, Langmade was part of an outlaw spectacle of sorts where “the catfights were the highlight of the game.” It was a time of penalty wheels, fishnets, and on-track brawls that harkened back to an earlier age of derby; one played on a banked track and televised weekly during its heyday in the 1960s and 70s…’

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