When Game Addicts Retaliate and Attack Bible

gamefront-gta5-5Gamers in Australia start petition after retailers ban ‘GTA V’
‘The petition is the latest in a series of satiric attacks by gamers Down Under designed to protest the ban by retailers Target and Kmart, who have refused to stock Grand Theft Auto V. The Australian retailers banned GTA 5 in response to an online petition posted this week calling for the move. Nearly 50,000 people have signed the anti-GTA 5 petition, which calls the game “misogynistic” and responsible for “fueling the epidemic of violence experienced by so many girls and women in Australia.”

‘Australian gamers have countered that the popular video game carries a R18+ rating, meaning it cannot be sold to minors, and that it has been on sale for more than a year, apparently without incident…’

‘Structural Collapse’ at law firms
Robots Could Make Most Lawyers Obsolete
‘Civilisation 2030: The near future for law firms, by Jomati Consultants, foresees a world in which population growth is actually slowing, with “peak humanity” occurring as early as 2055, and ageing populations bringing a growth in demand for legal work on issues affecting older people.

‘This could mean more advice needed by healthcare and specialist construction companies on the building and financing of hospitals, and on pension investment businesses, as well as financial and regulatory work around the demographic changes to come; more age-related litigation, IP battles between pharmaceutical companies, and around so-called “geriatric-tech” related IP…’

Why Did Many Believe the Jackie Rape Story?
Plus reactions to Rolling Stone’s controversial article
‘…Then, suddenly, the story fell apart. After a wave of media criticism questioned Erdely for failing to interview the alleged perpetrators of the assault, the University’s Phi Kappa Psi chapter released a statement pushing back on the allegations, citing specific factual inconsistencies. Not long after, Rolling Stone posted a statement admitting there may be discrepancies in the story, withdrawing their unilateral support. Their trust in Jackie, they said, had been “misplaced.”

‘I am drained. I am confused. But I keep returning to one question. If everyone here believed Jackie’s story until yesterday — a story in which she is violently raped by seven men at a fraternity house as part of a planned initiation ritual — should we not still be concerned?…’
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