Astrophysicist Proves Genesis is Scientifically Accurate

startswithabang-photo-8Mini-Movie Monday: Genesis Episode 1, Organic Molecules (Synopsis)

“You may have heard the world is made up of atoms and molecules, but it’s really made up of stories. When you sit with an individual that’s been here, you can give quantitative data a qualitative overlay.” -William Turner

‘This blog has always been about the cosmic story common to us all: the story of where all this comes from. It’s no coincidence I named it Starts With A Bang; perhaps the most remarkable thing in the entire Universe is that it can be scientifically understood!

‘And so I’m incredibly pleased to share with you — as we leave our Messier Monday series behind — the newest Monday series: Genesis, the story of where all this comes from…’

NAACP Undecided on Net Neutrality
To clarify, the NAACP’s formal policy position neither indorses, nor opposes the formally defined concept of “net neutrality”.

‘There has been some distortion, confusion and erroneous interpretation of the NAACP’s position in the Federal Communication Commission’s Open Internet proceeding. As such, we thought it might be helpful to reiterate and further clarify the NAACP’s official position on the need for comprehensive broadband deployment.

‘Last year, the NAACP, along with many other national civil rights organizations, signed-on to an FCC filing expressing the need for swift deployment of broadband internet services as expeditiously and comprehensively as possible. We cited the need to particularly focus on underserved racial and ethnic minority and poor communities, while highlighting the importance of protecting an open internet…’

Is Chromebook Underpowered?
Chromebook is even outselling all tablets
‘I’ve never bothered with them before, but I figured a good Black Friday deal was a decent excuse to give the Asus C300 a go. Unfortunately, despite this being a new model for 2014, it’s incapable of supporting a modern Web-only workflow.

‘Although I have a MacBook Pro as my main computer, most of my work is done, or can be done, in a browser. WordPress, Chartbeat, Parsely, SocialFlow, Google Keep and Sunrise all run in Chrome tabs or windows all day, in addition to any other websites I happen to visit. Other tasks for which I use desktop apps have browser equivalents, so why not switch to a Chromebook?

‘Although I’m not going to say that the C300 is representative of all modern Chromebooks, the fact that a browser-only laptop is incapable in 2014 of running more than five tabs without becoming unusably slow is truly baffling.

‘If Google is going to encourage us all to switch to Chrome-only workflows, it needs to make sure manufacturers produce laptops that are up to the task.

‘And how about a cheaper sequel to the gorgeous Chromebook Pixel while you’re at it, Google?…’

Martin Bryant -The Next Web

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