Finally, the First Hi-Tech US President​

Barack ObamaObama Becomes First President to Write a Computer Program

‘Earlier today, to help kick-off the annual Computer Science Education Week, Obama became the first president ever to write a computer program. It was a very simple program—all it does is draw a square on a screen—but that’s the point, says Hadi Partovi, co-founder, an organization that promotes computer science education. “All programming starts simple,” he says. “No one starts by creating a complicated game.”

‘Obama wrote his code part of event today organized by, which brought 20 middle school students from the South Seventeenth Street School in Newark, New Jersey, to the White House, where they met the president and worked on Hour of Code tutorials. Partovi says the president himself didn’t complete the tutorial from start to finish, but instead went from station to station watching the students work. He did, however, complete some of the exercises, which involved both using Google’s Blockly tool, and writing a line of code using the programming language JavaScript…’

10 Future Jobs in Health Care
‘People have been saying it for years: If you want a secure job, go into health care. Why? With people living longer, medical needs will rise accordingly. According to United Nations projections, the number of people in the world aged 60 and older is expected to double by 2050, from 841 million in 2013 to more than 2 billion! Those 2 billion folks will need a lot of help from physicians, dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists and surgeons.

‘But if being a dentist or physical therapist isn’t your calling, don’t dismiss the health care field just yet. In the future, it will be about a lot more than front-line doctors and nurses. Health care will incorporate a lot of new technologies, many just now in their infancy. From electronic records to robotic surgeries to prosthetics you can move with your mind, nothing’s off the table. That means loads of new jobs will be coming on stream, as well as current health care occupations you may never have heard of. Here are 10 jobs of the future you should explore right now…’

Should You Pay Hackers When They Lock Your Files for Ransom?
‘While the FBI managed to bust one ring based in Russia and Ukraine, Kashyap says, the problem isn’t going away. New, stronger variants of Cryptolocker are already out.

‘But when asked if he advocates that victims pay the ransom, he says without pause, “Absolutely not. If you pay, they’ll build more malware, pretty much as simple as that.”

‘Security experts disagree on this point.

‘Jaeson Schultz at Cisco says a blanket policy is impractical: “Unless you’ve got powerful computers and a lot of time to spend guessing keys, there’s really no way to get your data back unless you pay the ransom.”

‘Chris Morales at NSS Labs says, “My mom owns her own company, and if it happened to her, I would tell her to pay.”…’

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