Save an Eye from Cancer with Just a Smartphone Photo smartphone test could save your kid from eye cancer
‘Retinoblastoma is an aggressive, deadly eye cancer that mainly affects young children. It grows quickly, but if it’s detected early it can save the child’s life and possibly prevent the removal of the eye.

‘A new campaign by the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust is demonstrating how to detect the disease using just a smartphone camera. The campaign illustrates the test using a series of interactive posters that show a close up of a child’s eye with a normal-looking pupil…’

This Stock Exchange Error Cost $330M
‘At the start of trading on December 8th Mizuho Securities placed an order on the TSE to sell 610,000 shares of J-Com, a small recruiting agency it was bringing to market that day, for ¥1 each: it had meant to sell one share for ¥610,000, the initial offer price. The false order, indeed, was for 40 times more shares than J-Com had outstanding.

‘Having tried frantically to cancel the order and failed, Mizuho scrambled to buy the shares it had sold but did not own. Some of the nicest sharks in finance, including Morgan Stanley, UBS, Nomura Securities and Nikko Citigroup, detected blood in the water. Meanwhile, as rumours swirled, investors sold the shares of brokers who might have made the mistake (Mizuho did not own up until trading ended)…’

At the end, the Tokyo Stock Exchange got more blame for the disaster for its failure to allow the bank to cancel the errant trade; the court awarded Mizhuo about 25% of the the ¥40 billion lost.

A reminder of a modus operandi of taxi drivers
Taxi Driver Without Change vs Ateneo Student Video Goes Viral
‘On Saturday, December 6, Buraga rode a “Red Angelo” taxi on his way to Ateneo de Manila University to take his final exam. Their argument started when Buraga informed the taxi driver that he only had a P500-bill for his fare.

‘Since he had no change for the bill, the irate driver insisted that the Ateneo graduate student should have informed him earlier about it. On the other hand, Buraga pointed out that the taxi driver should have been prepared for it…’

It seems to me that both driver and Buraga could take blame for the issue but the important thing here is it reminds us of a modus operandi: driver lying and saying he has no change hoping passenger would leave all fare.
Here is Buraga’s narration of the incident

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