Attorneys: Cops Planted Blood on Shoes


This photo is worth $6.5M
(see link below)

‘Before Juan Rivera went to trial for the August 1992 rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl, police and prosecutors in Lake County heralded a piece of evidence they said linked him to the crime: a pair of sneakers that authorities said belonged to Rivera and were stained with Holly Staker’s blood.

‘But by trial, prosecutors backtracked, never introducing the seemingly pivotal evidence.

‘Now, three years after Rivera was exonerated and freed from prison with the help of DNA evidence, his attorneys have made a startling new allegation in a federal lawsuit that police planted the blood. Their evidence: The shoes were not available for sale anywhere in the country until after Holly was fatally stabbed in Waukegan…’

McGyver‘ Radio Saved Sailor After 12 Days at Sea
‘After two weeks lost at sea, Ron Ingraham on Tuesday broke radio silence with a distress call he made using a makeshift radio fashioned out of a coat hanger and some wire. And the Coast Guard, which had stopped looking for him more than a week ago, heard his dire transmission and the Navy caught up with him 64 miles south of Honolulu.

‘Ingraham had set off from the island of Moloka’i to Lanai on Thanksgiving Day. Two days later, bad weather knocked his 25-foot Malia on its side and threw him into the water.

‘The stranded angler got out two distress calls, saying his boat was taking on water and in danger of sinking, before his radio died. But with both masts broken and his calls not heard, Ingraham thought he could die out on the high seas…’

5 Creepy Ways Your Town Is Designed to Control Your Mind
‘Get a dude who grew up in rural Mississippi in a room with somebody who was born and raised in San Francisco, and you find that where you live has a lot to do with how you see the world. You might think this is simply the difference in your neighbors, but it’s not; the physical layout of your town or city affects you. And these days, a lot of that shit is done on purpose.

#4. Physically Forcing Us To Play By The Rules
‘Our favorite insane Design Against Crime creation comes courtesy of the Camden Borough Council of London. Meet the Camden Bench, also known as the perfect anti-object. Its purpose is to discourage sleeping, drug dealing, theft, littering, skateboarding, vandalism, and, arguably, sitting. It achieves this by being the most angular, cold, non-permeable object in existence:…’
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Antelope Canyon photo sells for record $6.5M
‘The world’s most expensive photo depicts Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, near Page on the Navajo Reservation.

‘Landscape Photographer Peter Lik sold his print, titled “Phantom,” for $6.5 million to a private collector in November.

‘The black-and-white photo depicts an underground cavern inside Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon formed as rainwater eroded the stone into narrow passageways…’

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