Common Chemicals That Reduce Your Baby’s IQ exposure to common household chemicals linked with substantial drop in child IQ

‘The study is the first to report a link between prenatal exposure to phthalates and IQ in school-age children. Results appear online in the journal PLOS ONE.

‘DnBP and DiBP are found in a wide variety of consumer products, from dryer sheets to vinyl fabrics to personal care products like lipstick, hairspray, and nail polish, even some soaps. Since 2009, several phthalates have been banned from children’s toys and other childcare articles in the United States. However, no steps have been taken to protect the developing fetus by alerting pregnant women to potential exposures. In the U.S., phthalates are rarely listed as ingredients on products in which they are used…’

$1,000 cost of damage by a stray cat [Video]
Feline dined on dried octopus, squid, other gourmet seafood at deli
Just yesterday, I wrote an essay about stray cats being one of the pests in our modern, but not safer urban jungle

‘The tabby was filmed by staff at Vladivostok airport, in eastern Russia, helping itself to marine delicacies including squid and dried octopus, the news website reports. The cat was seen scrabbling at packaging and happily munching away on the contents. It was a costly break-in for the store’s owner, who had to bin the entire contents of the fish counter, worth about 60,000 roubles ($1,000; £660). Nobody knows how the cat managed to get into the store, although according to airport staff it’s a local stray and sometimes wanders into the airport.

‘But it seems the cat is now a minor celebrity, with “fans” lining up to visit the scene of the crime. “Our staff practically can’t work because of the flow of fans,” Irina Kuzmina, the shop’s owner, tells PrimaMedia…’

Don’t believe those “unlimited internet” promos from telcos
DOJ to Smart, Globe: Don’t mislead customers with ‘unli Internet’
‘MANILA, Philippines – “Unlimited” internet service means unlimited, the Department of Justice reminded telco giants Smart Communications and Globe Telecom.

‘The DOJ warned Smart and Globe not to mislead subscribers with “unlimited” Internet packages, which usually are throttled after reaching the data limit.

‘”While there is nothing wrong with advertisements and promotions, what is promised must be delivered. Our laws require not only truth in advertising but also fairness in packaging and consistency in the provision of the service,” Justice Secretary Leila M. De Lima said in a statement.

‘An advisory was issued after the DOJ-Office for Competition received complaints about various “unli” promos…’

I don’t use the unli promo with SmartBro yet there are times when my Net connection would suddenly slow down

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