The World’s First Computer Programmer was a Woman

brainpickings-adalovelace1‘…Her (Ada Lovelace’s) third innovation was a step-by-step outline of “the workings of what we now call a computer program or algorithm.” But it was her fourth one, Isaacson notes, that was and still remains most momentous — the question of whether machines can think independently, which we still struggle to answer in the age of Siri-inspired fantasies like the movie Her.’

“…The reality is that Ada’s contribution was both profound and inspirational. More than Babbage or any other person of her era, she was able to glimpse a future in which machines would become partners of the human imagination, together weaving tapestries as beautiful as those from Jacquard’s loom. Her appreciation for poetical science led her to celebrate a proposed calculating machine that was dismissed by the scientific establishment of her day, and she perceived how the processing power of such a device could be used on any form of information. Thus did Ada, Countess of Lovelace, help sow the seeds for a digital age that would blossom a hundred years later.” -Walter Isaacson

The Grumpy Programmer
What Old Farts Can Teach You
‘Bob Pendleton is a 60-something year old blogger who has (probably) been programming since before you were born. His blog,, documents the lessons he’s learned from decades in the technology trenches.

‘The most important thing you need to know about Pendleton is his blog’s mantra: Programming doesn’t have to suck.

‘We’ve worked with Pendleton to present his tales in Web comic form; the first installment follows. We aim to bring you future episodes on a monthly basis, and more frequently if our staff resources permit…’

Will you use the digital driver’s license?
Why The Iowa Digital Driver’s License Seems So Cool—And Scary
‘According to the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s Department of Transportation will offer digital driver’s licenses via a free mobile app that will launch next year. The virtual version will be as legally valid as the physical IDs currently sitting in Iowans’ wallets, but infinitely cooler—the on-screen versions will feature animated headshots that rotate in place.

‘People use their phones for everything these days, so storing a driver’s license in there too seems very convenient. But the pros come with some potential cons that—if not properly addressed—could turn these virtual licenses into a ticket to some scary scenarios…’

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