Live: Siege at Sydney’s Martin Place [Video];pv6315d65d09e698c8
A summary of the facts we have at the moment:
~The siege began at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place at about 9.44am, when members of the public called police after seeing a man with a gun enter the cafe.

~The siege has now been going for more than nine hours.

~Five hostages have escaped, but police aren’t saying how many remain inside the cafe. Seven News reporter Chris Reason claims there are about 15, a mix of men and women, but no children.

~Hundreds of police are at the scene, with tactical officers watching the doors the hostages used to escape.

~Police have confirmed they are in touch with the gunman, but they aren’t revealing what he has told them or what his motivations may be.

~A large exclusion zone remains in place in the Sydney CBD, and trains are not stopping at Martin Place station.
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Philippine Prisoners Living in Jail Paradise [Video]
DOJ holds surprise inspection in bilibid: finds drugs and luxury items like hot tub, Playstation

‘…In the room of robbery group leader Herbert Colangco, authorities found cash and music equipment.

‘Colangco’s three storage vaults, meanwhile, contained eight luxury watches, composed of five Rolex, one Patek Philippe, one Cartier, and one Panerai. Also in the vaults were cash of various currencies and luxury wallets from high-end brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes.

‘Colangco told dzMM’s Alex Calda that the cash seized from him were supposed to be used for a feeding program.

‘NBI and PNP Special Action Force operatives said among the numerous entertainment items seized were a 48-inch flat screen television and a PlayStation 4 unit. Some of the rooms were also equipped with air-condition units…’

The Urban Farm That Is Soil-Free and Uses Virtually No Water
‘Futuristic farms are not such a fantasy anymore, with dozens of projects cropping up around the country designing solutions to urban farming. The only problem? The costly price tag that comes with those initiatives.

‘Which is why CityFarm, born out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, is aiming to create a soil-free urban farming system that may be economically feasible for cities — regardless of locale. The 60-square-foot farm grows lettuce, tomatoes and herbs in a windowless room inside MIT’s Media Lab, Fast Company reports.

‘With no soil and the help of artificial light, the farm produces crops with as much as 90 percent less water than traditional methods…’
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