Why are Men Checking Out Of Society?

gold-silver.us-Nov20ride001-1Milo Yiannopoulos is blaming radical feminism. It looks like the Amazons are the ones in the cities now forcing men into the jungles lol
‘”My generation of boys is f**ked,” says Rupert, a young German video game enthusiast I’ve been getting to know over the past few months. “Marriage is dead. Divorce means you’re screwed for life. Women have given up on monogamy, which makes them uninteresting to us for any serious relationship or raising a family. That’s just the way it is. Even if we take the risk, chances are the kids won’t be ours. In France, we even have to pay for the kids a wife has through adulterous affairs.

‘Never before in history have relations between the sexes been so fraught with anxiety, animosity and misunderstanding. To radical feminists, who have been the driving force behind many tectonic societal shifts in recent decades, that’s a sign of success: they want to tear down the institutions and power structures that underpin society, never mind the fall-out. Nihilistic destruction is part of their road map…’

How do you define an atheist?
What If Atheists Were Defined By Their Actions?
‘Part of what makes Tyson’s response — and that of our hypothetical meat-avoider — understandable, if not exactly typical, is the fact social categories often come with baggage in the form of strong cultural associations, not all of which are accurate or positive. Atheists are among the most distrusted groups in America, for example, and people often think that vegetarians are annoyingly self-righteous. (Full disclosure: I am both an atheist and vegetarian, but trust me, I’m not at all self-righteous.) It’s natural to want to distance oneself from these associations, even if one fits a category’s constitutive core. It might be like the mother of a mother — i.e., a grandmother by anyone’s definition — preferring not to be called “grandma” because she doesn’t like to babysit or bake cookies and doesn’t feel the label adequately reflects her true passions of motorcycle racing and number theory…’

Free Smartphone App Creates Community Response Service
‘Now a new app called Peacekeeper goes even a step further, encouraging connectivity with your neighbors, family and friends in order to establish a response network filled with people who already have earned your trust. Please read their press release and see their video below. Tell us what you think – is this a viable decentralized solution that can restore self-reliance and community strength? Please leave your comments.

‘Press Release – Peacekeeper, a free, community-based emergency response Smartphone app, cuts emergency response times by relying on nearby neighbors. When a user is in an emergency, the app notifies neighbors, friends and family and gives them the chance to be first responders. The system enables individuals to easily send, receive, and respond to emergency alerts. The design of the app gives users the ability to get the help they need when seconds count the most…’

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