What the ‘Sydney Siege’ Exposed

globalvoicesonline-B432iCUCUAAvvRk.png largeThe ‘Sydney Siege’ might be real but news outlets distorted it and some did it deliberately
#IllRideWithYou in Solidarity with Muslims during Sydney Siege
‘The 16-hour hostage situation at Lindt Café in Martin Place at Sydney’s busy Financial District came to an end with commandos storming the cafe killing the lone gunman Man Haron Monis, but coverage of the siege continues to bring the best and worst of mainstream and social media in Australia.

‘In between thousands of tweets, hours of live broadcast and hundreds of web pages, some facts have proven to be inaccurate and misleading, and some angles had dangerous Islamophobic overtones.

‘The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports “Monday’s siege in the CBD has seen a number of myths circulating on social media and in the press.”

‘Keith Fitzgerald, a crisis negotiator expert, after seeing the front page of a special edition newspaper, asked journalists in Australia to condemn the Daily Telegraph: …’

Bank robber-turned-singer’s music video produced inside Bilibid [Video]
‘Herbert Colangco, 39, slim of built, soft spoken, youthful looking, without braggadocio, courteous to a fault, is not easy to classify as an offender although if one gets through the transcript of judicial testimonies, he can out rightly be categorized as a monster already, an alien out of this planet, an inhuman and incorrigible felon. In prison, he was a combination of “high risk” and “high profile.” And why not. If police records would be noted, he was the criminal mind behind all daring bank robberies in the country in the first half of 2000s. His gang was so bold and daring that their presence alone literally swept the vaults of all banks in all urban areas nationwide.

‘He is a mainstay in the national penitentiary maximum camp. He is constantly repairing in one corner practicing his timing for a singing number in his show. He is busy designing the stage on which performers will grace their part. He is also checking on his notes and notebook, the resources he must spend so that everyone would be given their due assistance. For him, his every show spells penury for whatever he has saved. He knew that at the end of his singular life, whatever he has possessed would rightfully be enjoyed by the people he wished to have relished it even for once.

‘In Colangco’s kubol in Bilibid, De Lima discovered a professionally furnished generator-powered 60-square-meter music studio with a stage for live musical performances. This studio is where he recorded five songs composed by noted composer Edith Gallardo, the tunesmith behind Aiza Seguerra’s signature hit “Pagdating Panahon”.

‘Along with minus one versions of those songs, they formed his debut album “Kinabukasan”, which was was released last year by Ivory Music and Video bearing Colangco’s screen name of Henry C….’


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