The Sidewalk Vendors of Manila
Imagine that those houses are vendor stalls that occupy the whole sidewalk. Now imagine the small alley houses are tables put by stupid vendors blocking entrance to real shops and stores. That’s how it goes when the Christmas season begins in Manila.

Now for the real story behind the photo:

The Alexandria Spite House
‘COLLEEN SAMMIS recalls that “it came out at a restaurant” in early 2006. She, the man she later married and friends were having dinner, “and they were talking about a house Jack owned,” Jack being Jack Sammis.

‘The house, 7 feet wide, about 25 feet deep and a whopping 325 square feet in two stories, is a tiny landmark on Queen Street in the Old Town district in Alexandria, Va., just across the Potomac from Washington.

‘Although the couple who previously owned the Alexandria house for 25 years used it for most of that time as a full-time residence, Mr. Sammis has used it mainly as a pied-à-terre since buying it for $135,000 in 1990. “I used to walk by it every day when I worked near here,” he said, “and when it was listed in the paper, I knew right away what house it was. I bought it the first day it was shown.”…’

VIP Inmates Own Guns Inside Prison
There are a lot of stories about real irregularities in worldwide prisons but this one makes a record
Philippine President
‘Guns of Very Important Prisoners alarm Philippine President Aquino
President Aquino has expressed particular concern over firearms found in the possession of 19 Very Important Prisoners during a raid on Monday that also uncovered their luxurious living conditions at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City.

‘Quoting Justice Secretary Leila de Lima who led the dawn raid, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said the President had given “specific instructions on the firearms discovered and it’s what worries him.”

‘Found in the living quarters (kubol) of drug lord Peter Co were five firearms, along with cash amounting to P1.4 million, wide-screen TV sets, air-conditioning units, cell phones, money-counting machines, laptops, a projector and other appliances. The unit also had a sauna…’
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‘Art Cop’ Cracks Huge LA Heist
$10M in stolen paintings recovered
‘Nine works of art that were stolen six years ago in one of the largest art heists in L.A. history have been recovered by investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI, according to court documents obtained by The Times.

‘After an undercover operation at a West Los Angeles hotel in October, federal authorities detained Raul Espinoza, 45, who tried to sell the paintings — which are valued at $10 million — for $700,000 cash.

‘The case grew cold until Sept. 2, 2014, when Det. Donald Hrycyk of the LAPD’s art theft detail was tipped off to a man in Europe known as “Darko” who was soliciting buyers for the stolen works.

‘”[Darko] indicated that he was merely a middleman for an unknown person in possession of the art in California,” Hrycyk wrote in a search warrant obtained by the Los Angeles Times…’

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