Most Internet Addicts are Arabs

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Most Internet Addicts are Arabs
wedorecover-Internet-1Internet addiction affects 6 percent of people worldwide
‘In the article “Internet Addiction Prevalence and Quality of (Real) Life: A Meta-Analysis of 31 Nations Across Seven World Regions,” Cecelia Cheng and Angel Yee-lam Li, The University of Hong Kong, present 164 Internet addiction prevalence figures, with an overall global prevalence estimate of 6.0%. Prevalence ranged from a low of 2.6% in Northern and Western Europe to a high of 10.9% in the Middle East. The authors describe factors associated with higher Internet addiction prevalence and how it relates to individuals’ quality of life.

‘“This study provides initial support for the inverse relationship between quality of life and Internet Addiction (IA). It, however, finds no support for the hypothesis that high Internet accessibility (such as the high penetration rates in northern and western Europe), promote IA,” says Editor-in-Chief Brenda K. Wiederhold…’

The 7 Worst Things Airline Pilots Have Done Mid-Flight
#3. A Pilot Answers Text Messages and Forgets to Lower the Landing Gear
‘As the plane angled nearer and nearer to the ground, the copilot felt a strange sense of unease, that somehow “something was not quite right.” When he attempted to notify the pilot of his concerns, he received no response, as the pilot was “preoccupied with his mobile phone.” With only 392 feet left before contact with the tarmac, the copilot finally figured out what was wrong: The pilot was so distracted by his phone that he had forgotten to lower the landing gear.

‘After an investigation, Jetstar officials stated that the lessons learned from the incident would be incorporated into their flight training, much to the consternation of those pilots who prefer a timely conclusion to their Words With Friends matches…’
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Guy makes old women shocked by having hilarious phone conversations right next to them
Hilarious comedian Jack Jones gets the best reactions out of little old ladies when he says some absurd stuff on the phone standing right next to them!

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