Things People Get Wrong About the Bible’s Christmas Story

cracked-350642_v1#6. There Was No Inn and Jesus Was Probably Born in the Kitchen
‘The worst role in any children’s Christmas play is the innkeeper who gets to lecture the holy couple about how there’s “no room for them in the inn.” That’s the role jerky little kids get to prepare them for a lifetime of managerial positions. Long story short, the holy family ends up in the stable. But wait — the entire reason they made the trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem was because it was Joseph’s hometown. You’d think there’d be at least one family member with a futon they could crash on or something, right? So why did they even need an inn to begin with? The simple answer is that, in the Bible, there is no innkeeper — and probably no inn. That’s because inns were only found on major roads, and Bethlehem was the equivalent of a truck stop outside of a rural town in Wyoming…’
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30,000 arrests in a single Chinese province
China Arrests 30K in Porn, Gambling Crackdown
Campaign to ‘clean up Internet’ continues
‘Police in south China’s Guangdong Province said Sunday they captured more than 30,000 suspects in a two-month crackdown on porn and gambling.

‘As of Dec. 15, the province arrested 3,014 people and more than 5,000 others were put under criminal detention in the campaign, said the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department.

‘In one case, police busted an online gambling gang in Huizhou City on Nov. 24. The gambling activities involved funds totaling 30 million yuan…’

The Determined Activist Atop St. Peter’s Basilica
Marcello di Finizio says he won’t get down until he speaks to Italian PM
‘An Italian man evaded Vatican security for the fifth time to reach a high ledge on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica to protest against laws he says caused him to lose his business.

‘Marcello di Finizio apparently used mountain climbing ropes to lower himself down to the ledge late on Sunday from a roof that is accessible to tourists. He was still there on Monday morning.

‘Television footage showed him pacing on the ledge talking on a cell phone. He posted a picture of himself on Facebook showing a rope dangling from above and another showing his feet at the edge of the ledge…’

New York Bans Cosmetic Pet Tattoos NOT Human Tattoos lol
New York law says no to piercing and tattoo for animals
‘Body art is not for animals, at least not in New York.

‘It will soon be a crime to pierce or tattoo your companion animal anywhere in the state.

‘”It’s simply cruel,” said Assembly member Linda Rosenthal. The Manhattan Democrat sponsored the legislation. While people can choose the pain of tattoos or piercings to satisfy their own “aesthetic predilections,” companion animals don’t have that luxury, she said…’

The Cybersmile Foundation
Being cyberbullied? Do not delete any of the messages that have been sent to you. Show them to everyone you inform as proof!

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