A Tongue Insured for $1 Million

worldmag-icecreammanDreyer’s Grand Ice Cream insured the taster’s tongue
‘At 7:30 a.m. most weekdays, John Harrison takes out his gold teaspoon and starts in on the ice cream.

‘First he checks the vanillas, looking for a flavor that’s “subtle but not overpowering,” then come the fruity concoctions and, finally, the “Bordeaux” of ice cream, the fudges and chocolates.

‘After years as an ice cream taster, Harrison knows he’s got a job that’s hard to lick.

‘Ice cream runs deep in the Harrison family, including a grandfather who owned a couple of ice cream parlors in New York, a father who ran an ice cream ingredient company in Atlanta and an uncle who had an ice cream factory…’

10 Weirdest Things Taken Through Airport Security
Many of my Filipino countrymen like ‘smuggling’ smelly native sauce and dried dishes
‘This week millions of people will find themselves standing in an airport-security line, hoping their supposedly travel-size toiletries don’t create a national security incident. If you find yourself in a similar situation, remember this: at least you’re not transporting human remains that you just unearthed from a Mayan burial site.

‘A couple of weeks ago, we asked Scientific American readers to tell us about the weirdest things they’ve taken through airport security. Here, in no particular order, are our favorites…’

Digital Screens Disrupt Even After Good Sleep
I confirm this with my ongoing experience
”Blue light’ affects melatonin levels, which can have dangerous long-term effects
During a two-week inpatient experiment involving a dozen adults, some participants were asked to read on an iPad for four hours each night before bedtime, for five consecutive nights. Others read printed books in dim light. After a week, the groups switched.

‘Researchers found that participants using iPads displayed reduced levels of melatonin, a hormone that typically increases in the evening and helps induce sleepiness. They took longer to fall asleep, and spent less time in restorative REM, or rapid-eye movement, sleep.

‘In addition, the iPad readers reported being sleepier and less alert the following morning, even after eight hours of sleep. They also displayed delayed circadian rhythms…’

Baggage Handler Helped Smuggle Guns on Planes
‘Four men have been charged in an alleged gun-running operation in which weapons were smuggled from Atlanta to New York in a passenger’s carry on luggage on board passenger jets, federal officials said today.

‘According to an arrest warrant filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Georgia, Eugene Harvey, a ramp agent/baggage handler for Delta Airlines, was charged with gun-trafficking and entering an airport in violation of security requirements.

‘Another man, Mark Quentin Henry, was arrested in New York on Dec. 10, after an investigation by the NYPD. At the time of his arrest, Henry allegedly had 18 handguns of various makes and models, seven of which were loaded, in a black Oakley backpack, projectors said in court papers…’


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