Marital Problems Don’t Go Away‘”The vast majority of people get married during their lifetimes, and what is known is that, on average, satisfaction declines,” Lavner said. “So the question is, how do couples’ problems actually change? So many people enter marriage happily, but then go on to struggle. What explains that disconnect?”

‘The study used data from 169 newlywed couples assessed eight times over the first four years of marriage to examine how couples’ marital problems changed. Ratings of 19 specific problems indicated that couples’ difficulties in areas such as in-laws, household management, amount of time spent together and unrealistic expectations do not change. The only area that showed consistent change for husbands and wives was showing affection, which worsened on average…’
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What happens to the brain when we pray
‘A doctor at a Philadelphia hospital says prayer is not a cure for cancer — but can sometimes be as important as science in helping patients heal.

‘Dr. Andrew Newberg of Thomas Jefferson Hospital has been studying the effect of prayer on the human brain for more than 20 years, injecting radioactive dye into subjects and watching what changes inside their heads when they pray.

‘”You can see it’s all red here when the person is just at rest,” said Newberg, pointing at a computer screen showing brain activity, “but you see it turns into these yellow colors when she’s actually doing prayer.” …’

‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Attacks Peru Village

Peru evacuates Amazon village after raid by indigenous tribe
‘Around 200 men armed with bows and arrows raided the remote community of Monte Salvado near the border with Brazil on Friday, Patricia Balbuena, Peru’s vice-minister of intercultural affairs, told the Guardian.

‘The raiders – members of the Mashco-Piro tribe – took machetes, rope, blankets and food in the attack on the village, which sits on the Piedras river in Peru’s south-eastern Madre de Dios region, she said.

‘“There were no injuries although the men fired off arrows. The villagers took refuge in a guard post. They are safe but have no food and are terrified,” Balbuena said. Weather had prevented police and army helicopters from reaching the community…’

You Can Watch The Interview Now
Sony releases movie on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox
The movie will be available at 1 p.m. Eastern on YouTube, Google Play, and Xbox Video.

It’ll cost $5.99 to rent or $14.99 to own.

Sony’s own site,, will also have the movie. Online payments company Stripe will be handling the transactions for Sony’s site.
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