Hardcopy Greetings Preferred Over Social Media’s

crane.com-peace-on-earth-holiday-photo-cardChristmas Cards And Holiday Letters Beat Facebook, Etiquette Gurus Say
Christmas cards, letters, wrapped gifts still preferred over social media greetings
Even phone calls are better than social media
Figures from Hallmark tell us that the world still sends 1.4 billion Christmas cards annually, though that’s down from 2 billion about a decade ago, most likely due to social media and Internet connectedness. But Diane Gottsman, etiquette expert and owner of the Protocol School of Texas, says the classic holiday letter and Christmas card still have their place.

“Some people really and truly still want conventional Christmas cards, based on the amount of cards that are still sent every year. People want to open up an envelope,” Gottsman said. “I don’t think posting a family photo on Facebook is wrong either — it’s a nice alternative for someone who wants to save money, to go green, or who has a lot of people they want to show it to.”

5 Things Night Owls Understand That Morning People Never Can
I’m the opposite, a natural night owl with little interest in pecking at the ground for worms, even if that does present some disadvantages. Because staying up late is still regarded as a bit of an immature thing to do, a habit of energy-drink-fueled teens, wasting their lives Snapchatting pictures of their assholes to each other. Grown-ups are people who get up early and go to their businesses and do business stuff with briefcases and judge us shadow people with their judginess.

They’d think differently, though, if they knew our dark, yawning secrets.
#5. Nighttime Is the Best Time to Get Stuff Done
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3 Ways Your Phone Is Messing With Your Health
Leisure time has been completely redefined by our smartphones. Whether you’re crushing candy while in line at the supermarket or texting your friends while you catch up on Law and Order, you and your phone are always attached at the hip—err, hand. Unfortunately, this unlimited entertainment at your fingertips can come at a cost to your health and well-being.

We dug through the research and discovered three reasons why it’s important to unplug from technology every once in a while:
Checking Your Email Ratchets Up Your Stress

What They Caught The Cashiers Doing At This Supermarket [Video]
When you’re shopping at a grocery store, you always know when it’s the holiday season… festive decorations, music, and foods are everywhere! But Edeka, a supermarket in Germany, decided that this wasn’t enough and they wanted to provide a special treat for their customers. Imagine you’re at the checkout counter and the cashier scans your item… And scans it again. And again, and again, and again. Wait… am I hearing what I think I’m hearing!?
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