Filipino Invents Electric Firecrackers

philstar-safe_image.phpJust in time for New Year

‘A Filipino inventor has developed a unique way of ringing in the New Year with a bang without lighting a firecracker – and it can even be reused.

‘Called “Elektro firecracker,” the device looks like a pipe bomb fashioned out of a PVC pipe but with protruding small tubes that serve as speakers for the blast.

‘The inventor, Francisco Pagayon, chairman of the Filipino Inventors Society Producers Cooperative (FISPC), said the Elektro firecracker would be a safer alternative to the traditional firecracker, especially for children.

‘“The firecracker blast is similar to that of a piccolo. You also have to light it up like a traditional firecracker,” Pagayon said.

Pinoy janitor playing piano in US hospital becomes a YouTube star
‘“The bottom line is I want to be helping guests who are waiting for their relatives after an emergency or a surgery and they’re worried,” Maaba, 55, told ABC News. “When I play, they forget all their worries.”

‘The exposure Maaba received from playing piano at the hospital led him to another music gig, playing the piano every Wednesday night at a local restaurant, Francesca’s.

‘“I want to thank everyone at the hospital,” he said. “I love them.”

‘And just because Maaba plays the piano at his workplace, it does not mean he does not take his job seriously. He even times his music, he jokes, so as not to miss a minute of work.

‘“I play for 14 minutes and 39 seconds a day,” he said…’

Alaska Nuns Crack Case of Monks’ Missing Boat
Isolated monks on island near Kodiak have boat stolen; nuns help find it

‘It’s not uncommon for gear — or even an outboard engine — to go missing from a boat in the Kodiak area, Lott said. But this was the first time he’d dealt with the theft of a boat itself.

‘A clue emerged later in the day, when Lott heard that two Orthodox nuns living at St. Nilus Skete, an even smaller islet in the area, had observed the Archangel traveling with two people aboard the previous day. Both were wearing rain gear, according to the witnesses.

‘On Monday, the Archangel was spotted beached at Termination Point, a beach north of the city of Kodiak, Lott said.

‘The boat was intact, aside from about $750 in cosmetic damage, and was returned to its regular berth on Spruce Island, Lott said…’

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