Now It’s Criminal Robots are starting to break the law and nobody knows what to do about it

‘The Random Darknet Shopper, an automated online shopping bot with a budget of $100 a week in Bitcoin, is programmed to do a very specific task: go to one particular marketplace on the Deep Web and make one random purchase a week with the provided allowance. The purchases have all been compiled for an art show in Zurich, Switzerland titled The Darknet: From Memes to Onionland, which runs through January 11.

‘The concept would be all gravy if not for one thing: the programmers came home one day to find a shipment of 10 ecstasy pills, followed by an apparently very legit falsified Hungarian passport– developments which have left some observers of the bot’s blog a little uneasy.

‘If this bot was shipping to the U.S., asks Forbes contributor and University of Washington law professor contributor Ryan Calo, who would be legally responsible for purchasing the goodies? The coders? Or the bot itself?…’

The Internet Tries To Unravel A Football Fan Mystery [Video]
‘During last night’s Alabama vs. Ohio State playoff game, ESPN showed video of a young woman seemingly consoling a young man sitting next to her by running her hands through his hair.

Then, suddenly, she realizes something.

‘”Was she trying to pickpocket the guy in the black shirt? Is she just camera shy? Why are so many people so obsessed with this video today? How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”…’

Why some drivers miscalculate on icy roads
‘The campaign, “Don’t Jerk And Drive,” encouraged drivers to not jerk their steering wheel and over-correct while driving on icy roads. On the campaign’s Web site, it had sharable links reading “think before you jerk” and “jerking isn’t a joke,” which some saw as an innuendo for masturbation. Officials admitted to the Argus Leader the double meaning was intentional.

‘“I decided to pull the ad,” said Trevor Jones, secretary of the Department of Public Safety, in a statement. “This is an important safety message and I don’t want this innuendo to distract from our goal to save lives on the road.”…’

“We were able to use the theory to explain what researchers had been trying to solve for a long time. This was the answer to the previously inexplicable jerkiness in the control signal. Rather than looking upon steering as continuously following the road, steering corrections seem to be applied in a very predetermined manner,” says Ola Benderius. “The control behaviour has also proven to be very natural; I saw this in an earlier study where I examined driving behaviour in 12 year olds and their parents.”

Wear a Hoodie in Public, Get Fined $500
Let freedom ring in the New Year! “The cold Oklahoma weather has many sporting hoodies outside to help fight the cold, but wearing a hood in a public place could soon be against the law”. Oklahoma residents may face $500 fines wearing hoodie sweatshirts. The idea is based on an old law banning KKK hoods in public. Sadly this is not satire.


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