Mexico’s Mayor’s Wife is a Mass Murderer

dailymail-1415800744782_wps_31_Maria_Pineda_1_jpg‘The wife of the ex-mayor of Iguala, the Mexican city where 43 college students went missing in September and are feared dead, has been jailed indefinitely on suspicions of masterminding the abductions that rocked the country, prosecutors have said.

‘Maria de los Angeles Pineda, who had been held under provisional arrest, has been transferred to a high security prison in the western state of Nayarit from the capital Mexico City.

‘On Monday, a judge issued a warrant for her pretrial detention “for her likely role in committing organised crime … and operations with funds of illicit origin,” said Tomas Zeron, who leads the criminal investigation unit of the prosecutor’s office.

‘Pineda and her husband Jose Luis Abarca, Iguala’s former mayor, have been named by prosecutors as the “probable masterminds” of the kidnappings allegedly carried out to prevent opposition demonstrations.

OFW Loses More than 300,000 Pesos to ‘Ipit taxi’ Gang
A motorbike bumped their taxi but the motorbike was part of the modus. Arnel was pushed out of the taxi then the taxi sped away.
‘“Pagliko po namin nung taxi sa may Meralco Avenue, may nabunggo po siya na motorsiklo. Akala ko naman nabangga talaga niya pero, pagtanggal nung driver ng seatbelt akala ko bababa siya at sisitahin yung motorsiklo. And then yung backride nung naka-single, nagpunta sa aking side para buksan yung pinto. Sabi ko, Holdap ito sigurado,” Arnel told GMA News.

‘Arnel, an aircraft mechanic from Nueva Ecija, said when they reached the Cubao area in Quezon City, he was pushed out of the taxi and left on the street without his belongings.

‘The robbers were able to cart away Arnel’s Balikbayan Box containing four designer bags worth P25,000 each, three iPhone 5S smartphones, and imported chocolates and canned goods, the report said.

‘Arnel also lost his traveling bag containing P100,000 worth of jewelry, cash worth P200,000, and personal belongings to the suspects…’

Sugar Is Making Us Really Sick
‘If you have any interest at all in diet, obesity, public health, diabetes, epidemiology, your own health or that of other people, you will probably be aware that sugar, not fat, is now considered the devil’s food. Dr Robert Lustig’s book, Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Disease, for all that it sounds like a Dan Brown novel, is the difference between vaguely knowing something is probably true, and being told it as a fact. Lustig has spent the past 16 years treating childhood obesity. His meta-analysis of the cutting-edge research on large-cohort studies of what sugar does to populations across the world, alongside his own clinical observations, has him credited with starting the war on sugar. When it reaches the enemy status of tobacco, it will be because of Lustig…’

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