How the Balmis Boat Finished Smallpox

slideshare-expedition-of-balmis-sandra-baeta-5-638‘In order, therefore, to preserve the life and beauty of their children, the only thing remaining was to give them the small-pox in their infant years. This they did by inoculating in the body of a child a pustule taken from the most regular and at the same time the most favourable sort of small-pox that could be procured. 7
The experiment could not possibly fail. The Turks, who are people of good sense, soon adopted this custom, insomuch that at this time there is not a bassa in Constantinople but communicates the small-pox to his children of both sexes immediately upon their being weaned…’

The Balmis Boat that Finished Smallpox
‘King Charles IV of Spain supported his royal doctor Balmis, since his daughter María Luísa had suffered the illness. The expedition occurred on the Maria Pita ship and carried 22 orphan boys (eight to ten years old) as successive carriers of the disease, Balmis, a deputy surgeon, two assistants, two first-aid practitioners, three nurses, and Isabel López de Gandalia, the rectoress of Casa de Expósitos a La Coruña orphanage.[3]

‘The local poet Andrés Bello wrote an ode to Balmis. In Mexico, Balmis took 25 orphans to maintain the infection during the crossing of the Pacific. In the Philippines, they received help from the Catholic church. Balmis sent most of the expedition back to Mexico while he went on to China, where he visited Macau and Canton. On his way back to Spain, Balmis convinced the authorities of Saint Helena (1806) to be inoculated…’

Militant raises red flag on US drone found on Philippine shore
Militant solon sees red over US Navy drone found in Quezon
‘A member of the militant bloc in the House of Representatives has criticized the supposed presence of US military drones in the country as suggested by the recent recovery in Quezon of an unarmed US Navy drone.

‘Even as the Philippine government needs to strengthen its hold over the disputed territories China claims, Ridon said officials must also be wary of the intervention of other countries, particularly the US, which has made a strategic pivot to Asia in recent years during the Obama administration.

‘“Foreign military operations in our seas and skies, even in the guise of support, should be condemned rather than tolerated,” he said. —NB, GMA News…’

Grenade explosion in Bilibid leaves 1 dead, 19 hurt
‘An initial investigation showed an MK2 fragmentation grenade exploded at 9:55 a.m. in Building 5 of the NBP Maximum Security Compound, where members of the Commando Gang were reportedly confined.

‘A photo posted on Twitter by dzBB’s Vargas showed bits of the safety lever and metal fragments from the exploded grenade that were recovered from the area.

‘Bucayu said it is also possible that high-profile inmate JV Sebastian, the leader of the Commando Gang, was the real target of the attack. He said several inmates were reportedly complaining why Sebastian was not transferred to another jail facility when other high-profile inmates were transferred to Nueva Ecija last month…’

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