Annual Physical Check-ups Worthless

jupiterjenkins-check-up‘Around 45 million Americans are likely to have a routine physical this year — just as they have for many years running. A poke here, a listen there, a few tubes of blood, maybe an X-ray, a few reassuring words about diet, exercise and not smoking from the doctor, all just to be sure everything is in good working order. Most think of it as the human equivalent of a 15,000-mile checkup and fluid change, which can uncover hidden problems and ensure longer engine life.

‘There is only one problem: From a health perspective, the annual physical exam is basically worthless…’

Facebook Post Lands Parolee Back Behind Bars
‘A man who pleaded guilty to a car crash that killed his passenger has been ordered back to prison after a judge didn’t like his Facebook post.

‘In May, Ryan C. Fye, 22, was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide and vehicular assault for the death of an Elyria man. He was granted early release in December.

‘Fye posted on Facebook about his release: “Prison didnt break me. It MADE me. Im free. Im a new man. Dont come at me like before. Yes im skinny and muscular now. 7 months of working out everyday. Love my real friends an fam. Shout outs to my fam behind bars. Ill see ya when youre time is near! Miss you brothers!”…’

Is the Show ‘Frankenstein’ the Biggest Flop in History?
The Broadway production of Frankenstein — two years and two million dollars in the making — closed up shop after opening night.

”Previews began Dec. 9, and by the time the curtain went up for the opening, the cost of ”Frankenstein” had risen to $2 million.

”Mr. Kipness cited inflation as the main reason for the budget increase. ”A set that started out costing $200,000 ended up as $400,000,” he said. For its prologue and 10 scenes, ”Frankenstein” had eight sets that moved on and off stage on a huge turntable. Such extensive scenery is unusual these days on Broadway, where one-set productions are pretty much the norm for nonmusicals. The size of the production ruled out any possibility of an out-of-town tryout, which normally allows producers time to get a show in shape for Broadway.

””Frankenstein,” the $2 million Broadway production that closed Sunday night at the Palace Theater after giving one performance to disappointing reviews, almost came back to life last night at the Palace. Efforts to resurrect ”Frankenstein” – the most expensive dramatic production in Broadway history – began Monday morning after the play was pronounced dead and continued until 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, when the producers finally gave up…’

Beautiful Actress’ Face Turned Hideous by Surgery
You can only pity her
‘A Hong Kong celebrity’s insatiable desire to be more “beautiful” has turned into a plastic surgery fiasco.

‘Fanny Sieh went under the knife several times to achieve a V-line chin and eyes that resemble that of an Anime character. Although these features are considered beautiful among Asians, the result of her numerous plastic surgery procedures wasn’t very pleasing.

‘It looks like the once stunning actress made awful choices when it comes to improving herself physically…’

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