Over Half of Netizens Over 65 Use Facebook

allfacebook-SENIORS‘Overall, Facebook’s growth slowed but engagement levels increased. On other networks such as Twitter and Pinterest, the number of users rose more dramatically but engagement decreased. While some say this is due to fatigue and accounts going dormant, we speculate that the users are getting more efficient at using the networks. The can be seen in the dramatic rise of adults using multiple networks – 52% in 2014 versus 42% the year before.

‘The most important finding of the study surrounds the rise in Facebook engagement. 70% of users access the site daily. That’s huge. That means that once Facebook gets its hooks into users, they tend to crave it in much the same way that people watch television daily. This is a sharp contrast to recent speculation that Facebook is suffering from being antiquated and too “uncool” for younger users…’

Radio, not YouTube, is still king of music discovery
‘We might live in an age of YouTube and Spotify being the go-to music players of teenagers, but radio was still the top method of music discovery in the US last year.

‘That’s according to new Nielsen data that shows 51% of music consumers in the US still use radio to discover new music – more so than any type of digital service.

‘Nielsen said that radio’s ‘local nature makes it an integral part of the daily lives of hundreds of millions of consumers in markets large and small’.

‘The company’s research concluded:…’

Smithsonian galleries release massive Asian art collection online for non-commercial use
‘The Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, the Smithsonian Institution’s national museums of Asian art in the US, have released their entire collections online. All art works are now available to anyone and everyone for both viewing and download for the foreseeable future.

‘Under the rubric of the Open F|S program, not only will the public get to view some 40,000 artworks — most of which have never before been seen — but more than 90 percent of the images posted online will be high-resolution and without copyright restrictions for non-commercial use…’

Ansel Adams Act Goes to Congress, Aims to ‘Restore the First Amendment Rights of Photographers’
‘A new “Ansel Adams Act” introduced in Congress could have big implications on photographers’ rights across the United States. The bill aims to “restore the First Amendment rights of photographers” by removing restrictions on taking photos in public places.

‘Introduced on January 2nd, 2015 by Republican US Representative Steve Stockman of Texas, the document discusses the disturbing trend in recent years of the US Government creating regulations that prohibit or restrict photography in places such as national parks and public spaces, and of subjects such as government buildings, police officers, and other government workers…’

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