My Experimental Wine Theraphy

made-in-italy-imagesWhen I stopped drinking alcohol more than 2 years ago, I developed whooping cough and started to lose weight. Then an idea hit me. If the reason for my ills was that I stopped drinking alcohol, why not drink again but this time only with wine. What I did was after breakfast, I would take a taste, not sip, until bedtime. after 3 days, I urinated blood and a bit of liver!! But after that, my liver wasn’t painful anymore.

Do you think you have mild liver chirrosis? Stop drinking alcohol and try my wine theraphy. A $12 bottle of wine is too small a price for trying.

NYC’s latest health trend is a steaming cup of bone broth
Maybe this bone broth would be good for Leukemia
‘Beauty creams and Flywheel are all well and good, but a growing contingency of sleek-bodied New Yorkers insist that the secret to good looks is all about the bones, as in broth. In November, chef Marco Canora opened Brodo — a teeny-tiny take-away window at his East Village Italian restaurant Hearth, serving only steaming stock. The fashionable masses have been flocking for cups of the stuff, and paying from $4 to $9 for it.

‘Low in sodium but rich in collagen, and boasting alleged benefits from shinier hair to dewier complexions, broth is the new black for health- and beauty-conscious types across the city…’

Why the latest health kicks are hurting hospitality
‘This sudden flood was in some part heightened by a deluge of books dedicated to the overall theme of dieting. The fads and their followers were out in force. They were extolling the virtues of a plethora of so-called fitness foods. These they use for dishes promised to rid the body of the unwanted weight and toxins accrued during our annual celebration of excessive consumerism.

‘No longer will it be sufficient to offer dishes that are allergy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and generally devoid of all things tasty and edible. Nor will it be sufficient to continue the trend for “foraging” – the PR person’s word for picking your own fruit and veg. A few weeds and grasses from the backyard garden will no longer satisfy the seekers after the green and natural…’

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