Blogger Badawi’s Torture Given Reprieve

newyorker-Wright-Saudi-Whipping-1200Blogger’s Wounds Delay 2nd Round of 50 Lashes

‘A doctor who examined him before the scheduled flogging determined that his wounds had not yet healed and that the flogging should be delayed, human rights group Amnesty International said.

‘”The doctor concluded that the wounds had not yet healed properly and that he would not be able to withstand another round of lashes at this time,” Amnesty International said in a statement…’

Another Pair of ‘Bonnie and Clyde‘ Teens on Crime Binge

Kentucky Teens Dalton Hayes, Cheyenne Phillips on the Run for 12 Days
‘An 18-year-old Kentucky man and his 13-year-old girlfriend who have been missing for 12 days are believed to have taken off on a crime spree across the South, authorities said Thursday, during which they’re suspected of having stolen at least two vehicles — one of which had guns in it.

‘”It is imperative that these two be located and apprehended as their behavior is becoming increasingly brazen and dangerous,” the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. ..’

20 Amazing Uses for Lime Juice Beyond Cinco de Mayo and Margaritas
2 examples from the 20:
15. Lime juice has an invigorating scent with aromatherapy properties to boost your mood. Use a lime juice mixture to clean your house and make it smell great. Mix 1 tablespoon of Borax, 6 drops lime essential oil and 2 tablespoons of vinegar into 2 cups of hot water. The solution can be cooled and put in a spray bottle to clean surfaces in your home. HULIQ also shared other cool ways to use vinegar around the house.

19. Lime juice mixed with baking soda is an excellent air freshener and deodorizer. Mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda with a ½ cup of lime juice in a bowl. Put these mix anywhere in the house where you want to get rid of nasty odors, including your refrigerator. HULIQ offered 20 other useful suggestions for using baking soda around the house.

Sugar the Deadliest Killer Now
In other countries, sugar is classified as dangerous substance with alcohol and tobacco. Now there are vendors and food processors that make food taste like candies. Why don’t we make that illegal. They deceive more than the alcohol and tobacco firms.

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