The Pope’s New Record in Manila

Pope Francis visits PhilippinesRecord 6 million turn out for pope’s final day in Manila
The Pope’s security made a record too. They acted like gods and disconnected phone and Internet connections whenever they wanted to. I wonder if the Philippine government conspired with them. I think so.
‘A crowd estimated at a record 6 million people by officials poured into Manila’s rain-soaked streets and its biggest park Sunday as Pope Francis ended his Asian pilgrimage with an appeal for Filipinos to protect their young from sin and vice so they can instead become missionaries of the faith.

‘The crowd estimate, which could not be independently verified, included people who attended the pope’s final Mass in Rizal Park and surrounding areas, and lined his motorcade route, said the chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, Francis Tolentino…’

Your Friends Sort of Know When You’ll Die
‘Your friends know you better than you know yourself. They even know how long you’ve got to live. Well, roughly speaking they do.

‘It’s not that they’ve got extrasensory perception, time machines, or membership in the secret conspiracy that surrounds you. It’s just that psychological traits like conscientiousness and emotional stability are decent predictors of longevity, and your friends’ beliefs about your traits are, when averaged, more reliable than your own…’

Rescue and Security Dogs can now Alert 911
‘”But what if the dog could activate a tug sensor that would use the owner’s cellphone to dial 911 and summon help?” she says.

‘In the case of search and rescue dogs, Jackson says, if a target was on the move the dog could activate a GPS sensor on the vest so it could continue to track the target and be located by its handlers…’

Within Decades, Cancer Will Hardly Kill Anyone Under 80
‘Death rates from the most common cancers are a third down on 1995 figures and will keep dropping, it says.

‘It comes as middle-aged people were told to take aspirin regularly to cut cancer risk. Expert Professor Jack Cuzick said: ‘Taking aspirin daily looks to be the most important single thing we can do to reduce cancer after stopping smoking and reducing obesity, and will probably be much easier to implement…’
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