Christ’s ‘Appearance’ with Pope at Rizal Park

Pope Francis

This photo was from Pope’s visit to Rizal Park. Do you see the face? Do you think it’s another appearance from Christ?

The Rise of the Jacktivist

‘I predict that a new kind of professional will fill this gap — a hybrid of journalist and activist, or “jacktivist.” It may sound cringeworthy to veteran journalists, but I hope they’ll bear with me. From solutions journalism to The Last Graph (a project being run by my friend Ben Connors and for which I serve as an advisor), the path between the story and someone’s ability to act on it is getting shorter.

‘This means news outlets will have to do more than merely report what’s going on. Journalists will have the added responsibility of giving people a pathway to act, to improve their lives and the lives of others.

‘Again, I understand this may seem anathema to some, but people today need more than headlines and stories. They need more than data, visuals, and explanations. They need more than journalism. They need an empathy-driven service to improve their lives, their communities, and our world…’


Did media fumble on ‘Beautiful Girl’ story?

‘CEBU Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale was asked if some newspapers could be charged with violation of the law when they identified by her real name a “pretty” girl who was involved in cases of estafa and shoplifting. Magpale said, maybe not because the girl wasn’t being truthful about her age.

‘The girl’s true name, disguised by newspapers as “J” and “Josefina,” was disclosed by Newspaper A in a Dec. 12 front-page banner story, which also published her Facebook photo and three small photos of her being interviewed by TV 5’s King Perez. Newspapers B and C haven’t unmasked her during the story’s run until this writing. Newspaper A, after the disclosure, shifted to the fictitious name “Josephine” in follow-up stories.

‘Journalists may get away with it under the Juvenile Law but may be held liable for libel.

‘Whatever, they’re not off the ethical hook. And their public, if not the court, will be the judge…’


Think Twice Before Gifting An E-Book

‘The author had purchased a copy of his Kindle ebook for a book reviewer. The “gift” recipient (book reviewer) apparently never accepted the “gift” ebook. It appears he obtained an gift card instead. Free money! He even wrote to the author, discussing the book…but he could have simply researched some of the book’s text using Amazon’s free excerpt for the book.

‘Apparently, the author was hoodwinked. Now, you might think this is similar to a person returning a gift for cash from the store…except this wasn’t that type of “gift.”

‘Not only did the author throw away his money buying a copy of his own ebook but he then didn’t earn any of it back in the form of a commission from Amazon…’


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