Insurance Ruined Man’s Penis Instead Man’s Penis Ruined Thanks to His Insurer
‘On July 21, 2013, a nurse sent a fax to Collins’ insurer, Kaiser, according to the complaint.

‘”The fax stated that Rupert’s penis was red and swollen with what was described as a cut. Rupert had a Foley catheter inserted into his penis. Monica’s fax said: ‘May we have a trial of no Foley to give the area a rest.’ Despite this request, Kaiser denied the request to remove the Foley. Despite the fact that Kaiser was notified that Rupert’s penis was red and swollen and cut, there is no documentation to show that any physician from Kaiser ever bothered to personally examine Rupert’s penis,” the complaint states.

‘”As a direct result of this reckless neglect by Kaiser, the Foley was left in Rupert’s red and swollen and cut penis, and his penis began to erode further and further each day,” it continues…’

How the Philippines Hid Social Injustice From Pope Francis
‘Some 2,000 activists gathered in Manila to greet the Pope by unfurling banners that highlight some of the issues that affect the nation’s poor, such as hunger, landlessness, and injustice. Police blocked the march from getting near the motorcade, however.

‘Activist leader Nato Reyes criticized the government for stopping various groups from trying to tell the Pope about the Philippines’ “real situation”:

‘In addition to interfering with protesters, the government also reportedly “detained” and “caged” street children a few days before the Pope’s arrival. Manila Standard Today, a major daily newspaper, questioned the wisdom of this policy, saying it amounts to a Potemkin-Village approach…’

Pope Pushing Depopulation Agenda of the Georgia Guidestones?
‘In the video below, YouTube reporter RedsilverJ explains how the Pope appears to be pushing the agenda that’s etched into the mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

‘He points to the church’s recent support for climate change action and for telling Catholics to be “responsible parents” to control the population. These complimentary stances based on “science” seem to directly coincide with commandments on the Georgia Guidestones.

‘RedsilverJ did not mention the Pope’s recent “there are limits to free speech” comments, but they could also be attributed to an agenda to limit human freedom…’

Government Agency Classifies Journalists with Terrorists
‘The Guardian reported on the program which monitored emails to and from journalists working for media organizations in the U.S. and the UK. In one single day, in less than 10 minutes, the GCHQ collected 70,000 emails, including emails of journalists with the BBC, Reuters, the Guardian, the New York Times, the Sun, NBC, and the Washington Post. The emails were collected through the GCHQ accessing the fiber-optic cables known as “the backbone of the internet.” The communications were then shared with staff on the agencies intranet.

‘Even more disturbing is a security assessment which listed “investigative journalists” as “a potential threat to security.” The document was shared among intelligence agencies promoting the idea that the activities of journalists were as much of a threat as foreign intelligence, hackers, and criminals. The agencies were specifically concerned with investigate journalists “who specialise in defence-related exposés either for profit or what they deem to be of the public interest.”…’

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